Gentlemen, as promised by the time we come to organize a PIWI wine event in Piedmont.

The event will be managed by PIWI Piemonte in collaboration with the Klug association of Turin, which is also the organizer of the “Salone del vino di Turin, Turin Wine Week” and other activities on the theme of “WINE”.

Those referring to the first edition want to make it known to a wider public, namely wine lovers, the best Italian companies currently producing wines resistant to viticulture.

We are wine producers like you, our goal is to spread the knowledge of PIWI wines and not to disappoint you at this event. We are personally investing a very important investment and we expect your collaboration, your participation and many paying visitors!

The tasting will be qualified and professional for the wineries guests who are interested in the wines presented. The location is a historic and important castle, once the summer residence of the royals of Piedmont.

The event will take place in just one day and will be divided into two parties:

  • From 10.00 to 12.30 we will convene as a copy provided, those who are NOT required to attend.

  • From 15.00 to 20.00 there will be a display and tasting of wines from guest wineries, where the protagonists will be in front of the public.


  • TASTING POSITION of approximately 120 cm linear.

  • PARKING free

  • PRANZO h.13,00 free per person per cantina.

    For any accompanying persons the cost is € 28,00.

  • DINNER IN VIGNA H. 21,00 presso Cantina Ceste .

    The meal is free for one person per canteen.

    Typical Piedmontese menu of 6 dishes cooked on site by a prestigious restaurant in Alba.

    For possible accompanists the cost is € 45.00 rather than € 60.00.

  • PERMANENT on a Saturday night at the CASTA Hotel di Castagnito (a few minutes from the Ceste winery). To adjust each canteen you will receive a double camera for single use.

    For eventual accompanists the additional cost will be € 30,00.

The exhibitors must hold the following costs:

  • the own travel expenses (fuel, motorway, etc.)

  • offer free tastings to visitors. (no small glasses, but small tastings at your discretion)

  • We ask 1 bottle of your choice to show that all the commensals are in the wrong place during the meal.

  • the open and advanced bottles will be used during the meal.

    Exhibitors will be free to contact them if they have their discretion to sell the bottles directly to those who have not requested them. It is advisable not to open bottles before closing the window.

For logistics reasons and to ensure inter-regional representation, we offer these conditions all prime 5 stickers which will arrive for each region/province. autonomous.

The representatives of PIWI ITALIA and the PIWI regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli, Trentino and Alto Adige are requested to communicate these activities to their companies.


The exhibition center is located in Govone (CN), piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.

Enter the square only with the good load/scratch sign that we will send you quickly.

It will be possible to repair your own battery between 8.00 and 12.30. The room remains closed during the meal.

When you arrive the tables will already be systematic but you should system the bottles independently.

The staff will indicate your position and the refrigerator where the white wines are stored.

Ice and spit service will be available.

The carts will be available to transport carts from the car to the location.

Cars can be parked in the room only for the time needed to empty it and then they must be parked in another place that we have indicated.

The tasting will begin at 10:00 am. 15,00 and ends every 20,00 h.

You should serve the tasters only to visitors with glass glasses provided at the entrance.

Disassembly and loading operations will take place every Sunday from 30 p.m. 8.00 every hour 12,00.

The dinner in the vineyard will start dramatically at h. 21,00.

There will also be other guests in the Cantina Ceste and then they recommend punctuality.

For any other questions please contact the Cantina Ceste

phone 0173 58635