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Ing. Oen. Wolfgang Renner
Department 10
Test station for fruit and winegrowing HAIDEGG
Ragnitzstrasse 193
8047 Graz

Tel .: +43 (0) 316/877 - 6614

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PIWIS as a quality and varietal wine in Austria

PIWI grape varieties that can be marketed as quality wine:

  • Flower muscatel
  • Muscaris
  • Rathay
  • Roesler
  • Souvignier gris

PIWI grape varieties that may be placed on the market as grape variety wine *:

  • Bronner
  • Cabernet Blanc
  • Cabernet Jura
  • Donauriesling
  • Donauveltliner
  • Johanniter
  • Pinot Nova
  • regent
  • Solaris (only for the Bergland wine region)

* with the name of the variety and the vintage, but without a closer geographical origin (Austria only)

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Experiences with PIWIs in Austria and Styria - Wolfgang Renner


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December 12, 2022|

PIWI is developing into a quality mark - PIWI Wine Challenge 2022

High level at the PIWI International Wine Challenge 2022

President Alexander Morandell Wine Queen Katrin Lang-Georg Börsig

Gone are the days when PIWI vines were grown primarily for environmental reasons. There are now many very good wines made from PIWI varieties, as well as numerous internationally committed winegrowers who can draw on a lot of experience with PIWIs both in viticulture and in winemaking and who bottle the best wines, which the PIWI International Wine Challenge 2022 has fully confirmed . Two thirds of the wines received SILVER or GOLD, even TOP GOLD. The high quality was generally confirmed by the visitors at the subsequent public tasting, for which all the wines were presented according to the blind evaluation. The PIWI mark, which PIWI members are allowed to put on the labels of their wines, can be considered something of a quality mark. And so PIWI wines bring environmental protection and enjoying good wines together and can be considered an important future of wine.


November 2, 2022|

Benefit from the PIWI boom - podcast from the art of selling wine with Alexander Morandell

In diesem Interview spricht Diego mit dem derzeitigen Präsidenten von PIWI International und Rebveredler Alexander Morandell über das Vermarktungspotenzial der neuen Rebsorten und ihre ökonomischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen auf den Weinbau.

April 2, 2022|

The best PIWI in Austria –

Souvignier Gris zählt zu den großen Hoffnungen unter den PIWI-Sorten. © ÖWM / WSNA

Einst sensorisch wenig überzeugende Notlösung im Kampf gegen Pilzkrankheiten und die Reblaus, wurden pilzwiderstandsfähige Rebsorten mit enormem Aufwand weiterentwickelt. Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen, beweist die große Vinaria PIWI-Verkostung.

Die mit knapp siebzig Weinen bestückte Vinaria Verkostung österreichischer Vertreter aus pilzwiderstandsfähigen Sorten bot eine gute Übersicht über die Vielfalt innerhalb dieser Weinkategorie. Es gab einige sehr gute bis ausgezeichnete, dazu eine beachtliche Anzahl an guten bis sehr guten Weinen. Oft war die Jury vom Bukett eines bestimmten Weins angetan, vom Gaumenauftritt dann jedoch enttäuscht. Gerade feine Fruchtnoten aus der Nase landeten selten in ähnlicher Form auf dem Gaumen. Teils mischten sich auch als pflanzliche oder blättrige Noten in das allzu zarte Fruchtspiel ein. Auf dem Gaumen ging es teilweise ein wenig rustikal zu, wofür bei einigen Weinen eine allzu prominente Gerbstoffbegleitung zumindest mitverantwortlich war. Punkto Tiefgang und vor allem Länge besteht bei etlichen Weinen Aufholbedarf.


Quelle:  VINARIA – Heft 1/22

April 2, 2022|

Norway wants PIWI wines from Austria

February 24, 2022 – The Norwegian alcohol monopoly is adding Austrian wine made from fungus-resistant grape varieties (PIWI) to its range. The gratifying development that these wines have taken in Austria in recent years is thus receiving further momentum. Austrian PIWI wines also impress with top ratings at international wine awards.

The Norwegian alcohol monopoly Vinmonopolet recently opened its own tender for PIWI wines from Austria. A tender is a separate import quota in Norway's alcohol market, which is strictly regulated by the state. Until the end of March, winemakers from Austria can now submit their PIWI wines made from Cabernet Blanc, Donauriesling or Donauveltliner from the 2021 vintage to Vinmonopolet. The selected wines will be on sale from September.

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March 1, 2022|

PIWIs rock the social networks

PIWI wines are becoming more and more popular and more and more friends of good, sustainable enjoyment are looking for ways to find out about PIWI grape varieties and wines. But where can I get which information? Where can I find out what's new?
The first step in doing this is certainly opting for the Newsletter Sign up from PIWI International and the second is on our channels Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to follow!
... of course, only a small selection of the highlights can be found here.

Wouldn't it be a shame if you missed out on all the exciting promotions and information from our dedicated members?


March 1, 2022|

69th Winter Conference of the Austrian Ecosocial Forum – Wine Industry Conference on February 2nd, 2022

The 69th Winter Conference of the Ecosocial Forum will take place from January 27th to February 3rd, 2022. With this year's general theme "Future thanks to origin? In the field of tension between global markets and regional supply”, a broad field of discussion opens up.

The specialist day of the wine industry will take place on February 2nd, 2022. In addition to a live webinar on the subject of "Location classification - the importance of origin for the wine industry", the media library contains numerous contributions on the two subject blocks "Resources in the wine industry - which challenges must be mastered regionally?" and "The future of viticulture? - Piwi wines in practice check" available for flexible viewing.

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January 28, 2022|

PIWIS in the growing year 2021 by Wolfgang Renner (AT)

Black rot and KEF? - Not a real challenge!

According to multiple applications in 2021, PIWIS will occupy an area of around 145 hectares in Styria. This corresponds to 2.9% of the entire Styrian vineyard area. By far the most common varieties are Muscaris and Souvignier gris. As in previous years, current experiences from experimental cultivation are presented here in a condensed form.

* KEF = cherry vinegar fly

Weather 2021

Last winter was characterized by a consistently good water supply. A very cold April was followed by a cool May. The latest shoot of the vines in the last 25 years was the result. Both months were also characterized by a high number of rainy days. The very warm and dry months of June and July were followed by a comparatively cool and humid August. September was again one of the warmer ones compared to previous years and turned out to be a special “ripening accelerator”.

Generally speaking, the conditions for fungal diseases in 2021 were not the best. Of course, that makes the winegrowers happy! In the crucial phase from May to July there were only 37 rainy days in the Leutschach branch (52 in 2020, 48 in 2019). Only 20% of the entire time there was leaf wetness *, which is significantly less than in the previous vegetation years 2020, 2019 and 2018 with approx. 25% each. All of this explains the relatively low black rot infection pressure in the past season.

Plant protection measures 2021

All PIWI varieties were treated against fungal diseases with the same frequency and intensity. Due to the successive increase in black rot (Guignardia bidwellii) in recent years, a stricter plant protection regime has been prescribed from the 5-leaf stage. From the 5-leaf stage to post-flowering, five treatments were carried out 7 to 12 days apart. Because of the increasing oidium pressure, a separate sulfur injection took place on August 10th.

read on (PDF, German)

Source: Haidegger Perspektiven, 4/2021

December 16, 2021|

International PIWI Wine Award 2021

piwi logo-Wine Award-2021 - 293 × 223

We made it! - A whole weekend with PIWI wines - tasted according to the PAR® tasting method:
terroir, manufacture, not only new varieties - new genetics.
Finally, many winemakers wanted to know: "What's special in my PIWI?"

The result is clear: They are excellent.

  • PIWIs are on par with traditional grape varieties (localy and internationally).
  • Climate change and adapted grape varieties enable top winemaking even in northern areas.
  • 20 years of rigorous work of PIWI International with its members and supporters now show the success.
  • Thanks to the cooperation of PIWI International and WINE SYSTEM - Trust your senses has once again proven its value.
  • Convince yourself; choose the wines you would like to taste and choose from the winners list.

Find out about the latest, new and visionary developments in the PIWI world on our homepage.
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Cheers PIWI

November 16, 2021|

Rising star among the grape varieties

Unknown names such as Muscaris, Souvignier gis or Roesler are popular names for grape varieties that are resistant to fungi - so-called PIWIs. Not only an important step towards sustainable viticulture, it also guarantees the highest level of wine enjoyment.

... read more (PDF, German, 2.5 MB)  

Source: Falstaff Hert oct 2021

November 9, 2021|
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