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Wolfgang Renner (2)

Ing. Oen. Wolfgang Renner
Department 10
Test station for fruit and winegrowing HAIDEGG
Ragnitzstrasse 193
8047 Graz

Tel .: +43 (0) 316/877 - 6614

Deputy Chairwoman Anna Paradeiser – Fels am Wagram
Treasurer Christian Waltl – Klagenfurt
Deputy Treasurer Karls Saturday – Guntramsdorf
Secretary Lea-Maria Linhart
Deputy Secretary Daniel Pachinger – Eisenstadt
Extended Board of Directors Werner Resch – Kirchberg/R.
Extended board member Johannes Friedberger

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PIWIS as a quality and varietal wine in Austria

PIWI grape varieties that can be marketed as quality wine:

  • Flower muscatel
  • Muscaris
  • Rathay
  • Roesler
  • Souvignier gris

PIWI grape varieties that may be placed on the market as grape variety wine *:

  • Bronner
  • Cabernet Blanc
  • Cabernet Jura
  • Donauriesling
  • Donauveltliner
  • Johanniter
  • Pinot Nova
  • regent
  • Solaris (only for the Bergland wine region)

* with the name of the variety and the vintage, but without a closer geographical origin (Austria only)

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PIWI WEIN - Departure for new wine times PIWI CH January 2021

Dear readers
Dear Piwians and connoisseurs

"It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most likely to adapt to change." Charles Darwin

Yes, the year 2020 is really tough. These days, the positive and negative are often not far apart. The everyday is questioned, the unusual suddenly becomes normal. 2020 is pure change!
Reflection is once again the order of the day. Unfortunately, this is linked to the realization that we can only change and influence the world positively on a small scale. But at least we should enjoy that to the full!
It is unbelievably positive that we are allowed to make our life worth living in democratic Switzerland! A huge privilege!
Shift down a gear, give yourself and your loved ones more time, create something special in everyday life and consciously treat yourself to something good every now and then ...

This is what Marc Almert, Sommelier World Champion 2019/2020 said to himself. Since his place of work, the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich, was not exactly busy at the beginning of July due to Covid 19, he took a little PIWI break. After an extensive tour through our vineyards and winery, the focus was on tasting various PIWI wines: a real wow experience for Marc! But read his tasting notes for yourself right away!

The implementation of the first general meeting of PIWI CH on June 30, 2020 can really be described as successful. 60 people took part in the informative rebuild tour. Around 50 members and guests stayed for the meeting, followed by a tasting. We will therefore also plan the practical linking of technical PIWI cultivation topics and the general meeting next year. Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted the rest of the annual planning: we were unable to carry out the wine trip to Poland or the W&D in Hiltl in Zurich. But, as is well known, postponed is not canceled!

Social change, global warming, the pandemic and other changes will continue to concern us in 2021. Flexibility and a spirit of innovation are required more than ever, which is nothing new for us Piwians!

Have fun reading and "stay healthy!"
Roland Lenz / President of the PIWI CH association

February 17, 2021|

Is the market ready?

The marketing of PIWI wine is characterized by various challenges.

Text: Christoph Kiefer, M.Sc. and Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki, Hochschule Geisenheim University

Mushroom-resistant (PIWI) grape varieties are the next logical step towards sustainable cultivation within organic viticulture. Although PIWI grape varieties achieve economic and ecological advantages for winegrowers, fewer than three percent of German vineyards are planted with them. Other wine-growing countries such as France and Italy are registering increasing breeding successes, but the proportion of PIWIs in these countries is also at a low level. This mainly results from the lack of market acceptance by the consumer. Customer acceptance of these innovative grape varieties remains low despite the increased demand for sustainable food.

Within the VitiFIT, the team from Geisenheim examines the complete value chain of PIWI wines in order to better understand the attitudes and needs of producers, marketers and consumers. Based on this, a communication strategy is to be developed at the end of the project in order to establish PIWIs on the market in the long term.

This article analyzes the current market acceptance.

Source: Deutscher Weinbau 25-26 / 2020

January 20, 2021|

PIWIS in the 2020 vegetation year by Wolfgang Renner - Austria

In the 2020 wine year, every seventh graft vine produced in Styria was fungus-resistant
Grape variety. But how do these innovative varieties come with the yearly
cope with more fluctuating weather conditions? Current experiences from the
Experimental cultivation is shown here in a compressed form.
Likewise, the assessments of the fungal attack per grape variety on July 8th and September 3rd

January 13, 2021|

PIWI Harvest 2020 - Germany

This year's PiWi grape harvest is almost completely over in many European countries. We asked our regional contact persons and vintners at PIWI International about the challenges of this year's harvest and the 2020 vintage and give you an insight into the different countries, today from Germany
Katja and Ansgar Galler from Galler winery: “The harvest in the Palatinate ended earlier than ever in 2020. A hot spell in the middle of September with temperatures above 30 ° C meant that we took a final spurt and brought our last grapes home on September 30th. All grape varieties could use the sun's rays until the end and then be brought to the cellar in top health with high quality. You can already look forward to the delicious drops !! "
Anja Gemmrich from Gemmrich Winery & Distillery: “An exciting year & an exciting autumn. After a night of frost in late spring and the hot summer, we have an estimated 65 % less yield than in other years. In some locations we even had over 70 % failures, especially the location of our white Piwis was unfortunately hit hard. Nevertheless we are happy about the little autumn. In summer temperatures we started the harvest and were happy every day about beautiful, loose picture book grapes, with great qualities. That is why we are already looking forward to the aromatic and fruity wines that 2020 has produced. "

Many thanks to @weingutgaller and @weingut_edelbrennerei_gemmrich for these exciting insights!

 Ansgar Galler at the PiWi harvest 2020
Vintage 2020-Ansgar Galler
October 22, 2020|

PIWI Harvest 2020 - Austria

This year's PiWi vintage is drawing to a close in many European countries. We asked our regional contacts and winemakers at PIWI International about the challenges of this year's harvest and the 2020 vintage and will give you an insight into the different countries in the coming days.
Wolfgang Renner, PIWI Austria reported to us: “The PIWI harvest in Austria is almost complete. The producers are satisfied, the quantities are slightly lower than in the 2 previous years, the quality is good to very good. The sugar concentrations are somewhat lower and the acid values are somewhat higher than in previous years. We expect great fresh, fruity white wines and elegant, balanced red wines. In the southern cultivation regions (Carinthia, Styria), the very high downy mildew pressure and the increased incidence of black rot were the special challenges in 2020. "
Christian Waltl from the Jungweingarten Waltl in Klagenfurt reported the following to us: “After a very rainy season in the south of Austria, the late harvest was very different from region to region. Unfortunately, the cherry vinegar fly has now also spread in Carinthia and especially damaged the Cabernet Jura and Pinotin. The Cabernet Cortis, Souvignier gris and Muscaris, on the other hand, held up well. "
Image rights: Christian Waltl, Klagenfurt, 2020
Wolfgang Renner, PIWI Austria, 2020 Pinot Nova and Sauvignac.
October 21, 2020|

PIWI AT: New / innovative grape varieties 2020 - 30 percent more submissions

Graz, August 2020

With an increase in the number of entries by exactly 32% compared to the previous year, the success story of the Austrian wine competition for PIWI varieties continues! Chairman Wolfgang Renner is convinced: "PIWIS can no longer be stopped"!

PIWI AT Wine Award 2020 bottles©Spandl

For the second time the association “PIWI Austria” organized the wine competition “New / innovative grape varieties” for Austrian wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties. This year there were already an astonishing 146 wines from 64 different companies. As in the previous year, most of the wines came from Styria, which traditionally and climate-related has a larger PIWI area than the other wine-growing federal states. This time, however, the participants from the federal state of Lower Austria made a strong performance. More than a third of all wines submitted came from there and six out of ten categories were won!


August 11, 2020|

PIWI - straw fire or sustainable concept

Interest in mushroom-resistant grape varieties (PIWI) is still high and vine production is booming. The first successes are seen in the sale of some interesting varieties. But can this concept be of sustainable existence?

by Ing. Wolfgang Renner, Trial station fruit and wine growing Haidegg

Article published in FRUIT - WINE - GARDEN, Issue 1/2020

PIWI finishing Austria

Share of PIWI refinements

March 1, 2020|
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