Robert Finger | Lucca Zachmann | Chloe McCallum

Agricultural Economics and PolicyGroup, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Robert Finger, Agricultural Economicsand Policy Group, ETH Zürich,Sonnegggstrasse 33, Zürich 8092,
Funding information:
Swiss National Science Foundation,Grant/Award Number: 193762; FederalOffice for Agriculture
Editor in charge: Mindy Mallory

.Senior authorship is shared among allthree co-authors.

Abstract: Using fungus-resistant grapevine varieties can reducepesticide use substantially, while maintaining productionquantity and quality. Using survey data from 775 pro-ducers in Switzerland, we investigate the adoption offungus-resistant varieties and especially analyze the rele-vance of marketing channels and short supply chains.We find that 20.1% of respondents use fungus-resistantvarieties but the acreage is only 1.2%. Our results narrowdown to a simple conclusion: the less distant the pro-ducer is from the final consumer, the more likely theyuse fungus-resistant varieties. For example, producersselling their wine mainly via direct marketing have ahigher (8%–38%) uptake of fungus-resistant varieties.

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