Making an amber wine from piwis

There's a hammock chair on the balcony at BioWeingut Karl Renner with staggeringly beautiful views of Steiermark (Styria), rightly described as the “green heart of Austria”. The balcony, above the [...]

  In praise of piwis

  • Chris Boiling 2022-12-13

German winemaker Jürgen Amthor has successfully harvested his Cabernet Cortis – 95% healthy after only two sprays a year. We look at this and the [...]

Hybrids: Finding a Place

In a world apparently tiring of experts, there is at least one in the viticultural sphere that we should be grateful for. In 2020, research led by Andrew Walker, a [...]

Portrait of red PIWIs

... Cultivation suitability, grape variety characteristics and taste profiles of selected red PIWI grape varieties.

Source: the german wine industry 24/2022


Diego Weber on Vinitech 2022

A few days ago I was podcasting at the Vinitech Sifel fair in Bordeaux. There I looked for exciting inventions for viticulture and produced interviews about them. Two [...]

I Piwi sono stati a Venezia

I Piwi a Venezia, sono stati una bellissima occasione per ritrovarsi o conoscersi, fare il punto sulla situazione e guardare al futuro.


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