The result of our first online meeting of the vine growers: the exchange of experience and information was very much in favor of everyone, and PIWI International is increasingly available here. The demand for PIWI vines is increasing enormously. More information is desired here, also about the right use in the right place.

We'll start compiling some interesting links here as a result of our meeting:


VIVAI COOPERATIVI RAUSCEDO VCR Information about VCR-resistant varieties in technical brochures (both Italian and English):

Information on the plant protection strategy for resistant varieties in the relevant VCR technical booklets:

VCR  has deposited an international network of vine nurseries on the website:
Search the map and discover the contact person in your area.


New information brochure "Fungus-resistant grape varieties" from the WBI Freiburg

The Freiburg State Viticulture Institute has published a new brochure on its fungus-resistant new varieties. The brochure is now available for download on the WBI website (,Lde/Startseite/Fachinfo/Pilzwiderstandsfaehige+Keltertraubensorten). The brochure is also available in English, French and Italian.

Julius Kühn Institute New Grape Varieties Institute for Vine Breeding Geilweilerhof
New Grape Varieties - Catalogue

New generation of disease-resistant wine grape varieties in Hungary – by Dr. Pal Kozma
Report in Hungarian