Dear PIWI member
As an association, we have started a campaign to refinance your membership fees through cost advantages. To this end, we (some board members and volunteers) negotiate framework agreements for our association members with industry service providers and suppliers.
Unfortunately, we just had to accept a bitter setback and to prevent this in the future, you come into play: In the last few days, a webinar by Wein.Plus took place for the association. They were willing to give us up to €200 for the premium membership of our members in the first year. 29 members were registered, 4 took part.
Result: The offer is off the table and the readiness is withdrawn. So we have just gambled away cost benefits extrapolated to all members worth well over €100,000 through inactivity. Even more, Wein.Plus had shown itself willing to equip our PIWI Summit with additional coverage.
What do we learn from this?
In the future we will have to act as a united association – similar to a petition – and show our presence. There will be other comparable kick-off events. These are i. i.e. Usually online events that we need to strategically flood with as many members as possible to conduct the benefit cooperation negotiations profitably. Without your support it will be difficult for us on the board.
You can dial in with your mobile phone or laptop from almost anywhere and actually at any time. If you are ready, please register here, we will inform all supporters about upcoming dates.
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Thank you and see you next time,


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