In the coming year there will be a new platform for wine producers, marketers and buyers with a focus on the European market:

"EUROVINO 2024 - The trade fair for wine" from March 3rd to 4th, 2024 in Karlsruhe

PIWI Germany and PIWI International have discussed within the board that we would like to enable our members to participate and have therefore inquired about the possibility of 2 stand variants based on approx. 10 mx 4 m for 10 stands.

Version 1: very simple, without much storage space, one high table, one stool and a common refrigerator for each winegrower. Inscribed rear panels with PIWI International logo above, winery logo below.
Costs V1: With 10 companies per company approx. €1,300 to €1,600 net.

Variant 2: New style complete stands  (in an adapted form), with counter, with storage room in the middle. The panels of the New Style stands are also printed with the logo of the wineries.
Costs V2: With 10 companies per company €1,600 to €2,000 net.

Since the board of directors cannot take over the entire trade fair organization and stand support, each stand should be looked after by the respective member companies themselves. Support is still being sought for the organization of the joint stand.

In order to further promote PIWIs, only PIWI wines should be served.

For further planning and consultation with the trade fair, we need as short notice as possible, at the latest until Friday, September 8th, 2023 one Return messagewhether there is any interest in principle and if so, in which stand concept (variant 1 or variant 2).

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