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Blesius-Jostock winery
Germany - Moselle

Winery description:

Our roots as "field farmers and winegrowers" go back to the 17th century. The spark of winemaking has since been passed down in the family over many generations to this day. The Blesius families from Klüsserath and Köwerich, the Jostock families from Leiwen and finally Thörnich have formed the Blesius-Jostock winery since their marriage in 1962. With the new construction of the vaulted cellar and company buildings in 1971 directly on the Moselle bridge in Thörnich, you will find us in a representative ambience without any effort. But the longest tradition is a dying ember when the spark we pass on misses the zeitgeist. 

Our wines
Souvignier Gris - 2022 - Silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Helios - 2021 - Grand Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Regent - 2021
Souvignier Gris - 2021 - Grand Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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