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PIWI Pedia by Arnold Becker

PIWI-Sorten von A bis Z,   in 3 Teilen

Pilzwiderstandsfähige Rebsorten (Piwis) erfahren derzeit ein gesteigertes Interesse: Forschungen werden intensiviert, Vereinigungen zu diesem Thema gegründet und Pfropfreben mancher Sorten sind in [...]

Financial benefits for you and how to get them

Dear PIWI member
As an association, we have started a campaign to refinance your membership fees through cost advantages. To do this, we (some board members and volunteers) negotiate framework agreements for ours with industry service providers and suppliers [...]

Sweden is working to get PGI

Soon, Sweden will be able to print exactly where the wine comes from. The work to obtain PGI status is in full swing.
– The idea is to divide the origin [...]
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