Statement from PIWI International on the position paper

of the German Winegrowers Association regarding the new grape varieties to the German Winegrowers Association eVChristian Sschreir, Secretary GeneralHeussallee53113 Bonn Statement from PIWI International                                                    [...]

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Financial benefits for you and how to get them

Dear PIWI member, As an association, we have started a campaign to refinance your membership fees through cost advantages. To this end, we (some board members and volunteers) negotiate framework agreements for our association members with industry service providers and suppliers. Unfortunately, we just suffered a bitter setback [...]

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To the future! She will be delicious!

Part I – Inventory, or: “PIWIs? Soso!” PIWIs don't taste good! Neither does a Riesling GG! At least that's what my father says. Because he has his liter of Riesling and is fine with it. It should be something like this in many households [...]

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First Worldwide Online PIWI SUMMIT

The Green Deal, the CRISPR-Cas technique and the resistance gene in the spotlight: Are we excited or not? As PIWI representative in Spain, I was delighted to attend this first summit. I took part with the aim of continuing my education because the [...]

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Diego Weber on Vinitech 2022

A few days ago I was podcasting at the Vinitech Sifel fair in Bordeaux. There I looked for exciting inventions for viticulture and produced interviews about them. Two of them stood out in particular: Vitalie Popa is a true inventor winemaker [...]

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