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Exploiting the prospects of new grape varieties - Which arguments can motivate
motivate to plant new grape varieties in a strategic market development?
Exploiting value creation potentials
Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler, Weincampus / Hochschule Ludwigshafen, and Christine Freund, DLR Rheinpfalz, see the possibility of increasing operational resilience and exploiting value-added potential through new grape varieties. Which arguments can motivate the planting of new grape varieties in a strategic market development?
Source: The German Wine Magazine August 29, 2020

SAVING POTENTIAL - New grape varieties
Using fungus-resistant new varieties to make vineyard work more efficient and sustainable, and increase profitability
Text: Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler (Wine Campus / Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences) and Christine Freund (DLR Rheinpfalz).
Conclusion: New grape varieties offer potential solutions to current challenges in viticulture: lack of profitability, adaptation to climate change and customer demands for increased sustainability. They offer potential for reducing operating expenses, for countering the increasing stress in the production process by easing labor peaks, for differentiation and serve as concrete proof of sustainability.
Source: German Viticulture 14-15 / 2020

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High-resolution 3D phenotyping of the grapevine root system using X-ray computed tomography.

The Julius Kühn Institute and the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom studied the root system of young potted grapevines of 'Calardis Musqué', 'Villard Blanc', and V3125 ('Schiava Grossa' x 'Riesling'). Non-invasive X-ray micro-computed tomography (X-ray µCT) methods were used to study phenotypic variation in the complex three-dimensional (3D) architecture of grapevine roots as a function of genotype and soil. Woody cuttings were cultured in polypropylene columns filled with two different soil types, clayey loam and sandy loam, for 6 weeks.
It was shown that the individual root parameters, such as root length and number of lateral roots, were clearly cultivar-specific, ie genetically determined, and less dependent on soil type.

Publication english:
Illustrative video on the subject.

3D images of roots

A recipe recommendation for Easter

PIWI wine El Masut from Terre di Ger and
a new recipe from Ivana Frank - BORA

Steak and sweet potato fries with healthy barbecue sauce

El Masut the resistant red wine, sweet and refined from Merlot Khorus and Khantus and a special recipe developed to highlight its flavors. A "Well Done!" to Chef Ivana Frank and her innovative and fresh combinations of flavors.
El Masut means "little farmhouse" in the local dialect. This structured wine evokes both the passion and tradition that have always been a source of inspiration to shape the future.

Here is a special recipe to recreate.

Source: Terre the Ger

Where can I buy PIWI wines?

A good overview is provided on our website in the section PIWI Winemaker

Many wine lovers but also future PIWI winemakers want to know the diversity of PIWI varieties and the differences in their origins.
Do you know wine merchants who specifically specify PIWI wines in their search in the online store? Then we look forward to your message to Gisela Wüstinger

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