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The new PIWI WEIN ZEIT is published | Realignment PIWI International - PIWI Italy | Stylistics of PIWI wines | Where to buy PIWI wines?

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The new issue of PIWI WEIN ZEIT from Switzerland again brings many interesting topics.

PIWIs - Environment - Health 4
PROFILES PIWI Organic Winery Strasser Stammerberg 6
Variety portrait: Satin Noir (VB 91-26-29) 8
Freytag Vine Nursery 9
Portrait of the organic winery Sitenrain 10
Realignment of PIWI international 12
The Slow Food heart beats high above Lake Constance
Organic Wartegg Castle Hotel, Rorschacherberg 13
Tasting notes by Marc Almert Sommelier World Champion 2019 14
Agenda - Dates PIWI CH 16
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Realignment of PIWI International as an umbrella association - PIWI Italy

The rapid development of PIWI vines and their wines require a reorientation of the association. The board of PIWI International is working on the new structure, as more and more regional groups are being formed. The Czech Republic is in the process of formation. Regional groups already exist in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

PIWI Italy

The interest in Italy regarding planting and processing PIWI grapes is very high, especially in the regions of Veneto and Friuli.
In 2019 and 2020, several new vineyards have already been realized; in 2021 we are expecting a new peak.

There are many bottled wines on the market: single varietal, blended with other PIWI's and blended with traditional grape varieties.
Currently, the PIWI Italy Association is being formed, which will be contact point for PIWI friends from the rest of Italy as well as the already existing regional associations. More information by

Image: Cantina Montelliana
Cantina Montelliana

Which sensory style of PIWI wines promises success?

PIWI was also a topic on the occasion of the 74th Palatinate Viticulture Days.
Within the framework of the nationwide VITIFIT project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, a subsection is concerned with improving the stylistics of wines produced from PIWI grape varieties and their prospects of success in marketing.

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In terms of their quality potential, wines made from PIWI grape varieties are on a par with standard grape varieties. However, there is still a lack of experience as to how they should best be developed. Consumer preferences and derived preferred or rejected sensory attributes help here. The question for the future is whether PIWI wines should be good sensory "copies" of the styles of the standard grape varieties or whether they should show a profile that is distinct, different, but recognizable as new and different.
Questions: Marc Weber / Ulrich Fischer, 06321 / 671-450 / 294,

Where can I buy PIWI wines?

A good overview is provided on our website in the section PIWI Winemaker

Many wine lovers but also future PIWI winemakers want to know the diversity of PIWI varieties and the differences in their origins.
Do you know wine merchants who specifically specify PIWI wines in their search in the online store? Then we look forward to your message to Gisela Wüstinger

Spring budding MRK
Good luck to all winemakers in the now so important work of pruning.

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