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The harvest has already been completed in some regions, now the grape juice is bubbling in the cellar and the oenologists are in high season. It was certainly not an easy year, even the PIWIS had to hold their own with all the rain.

11th International PIWI Wine Award 2021.

For the wines that are already in the bottle we recommend the International PIWI Wine Award. Registration deadline is October 15th - so register now.

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Show the wine world the quality of your results from the cellar. The PIWI Wine Award offers the opportunity to showcase sensory highlights with a high quality tasting and the PAR sheet.


PIWI Wines on the top again - ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL 2021 Autumn Tasting

The autumn tasting of the 14th ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL has taken place and again brought outstanding results. We are particularly pleased that PIWI wines were able to hold their own among the international organic wines.
The Wild Bee 2018 - Roesler from the organic winery Arkadenhof won 96 PAR points and therfore Grand Gold.
In the white wine category, three wines won Grand Gold: Weingut am Thalsbach White Oak -2020 Johanniter 97 PAR points. Weingut "Im Hagenbüchle" johan - 2020 Johanniter, Cabernet Blanc, Helios, Muscaris 96 PAR points. Weingut Gromann Erzinger Cuvee white 2020 - Muscaris, Souvignier Gris 96 PAR points.
In the sparkling wine category, Weingut Reis-Oberbillig 2020er Grüne Perle - Cabernet Blanc sparkling wine with added carbonic acid scored 90 points.
The highest-placed rosé wine of the tasting, with 91 points and gold, is the 2020 Merlin Rosé from the Württemberg winery "Im Hagenbüchle", a stylistically modern blend of Blue Zweigelt with Pinotin, Trollinger, Muskattrollinger and Regent, reductively vinified in steel tanks.
Best in class among the sweet wines is the 2018 RÖS Solaris Vintage from Dyrehøj Vingård in the Danish region of Zealand - a PIWI from traditional barrique aging.
The complete results of the ORGANIC WINE AWARD autumn can be found here.


We are PIWI!

PIWI Germany launches Instagram campaign.

We are PIWI ... become part of PIWI Germany. Under this motto PIWI Germany presents its members and their PIWI vines. We are looking forward to many likes and shares.
If you are interested in a campaign for PIWI International, please send an email to office@piwi-international.or.


PIWIs - around the world

With advancing climate change and the need to meet the challenges of the "green deal" in agriculture as well, interest in sustainable production methods is growing. For viticulture, fungus-resistant grape varieties are a functioning alternative.
According to multiple applications, about 1.5 percent of the vineyard area in Austria is currently planted with fungus-resistant grape varieties. This corresponds to an absolute area of about 700 hectares. In Styria, there are about 150 hectares (2.9% of the Styrian vineyard area). Muscaris, Souvignier gris and blossom musakteller are cultivated most frequently here. But what happens outside Austria in traditionally "conservative" wine-growing countries? -
Here is an overview of some activities in Europe and overseas.

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Grape varieties-600 × 150

PIWI varieties at a glance -
results in the rainy year 2021

PIWI vines have been around for over a hundred years. Only a few have been able to establish themselves and last. While the time of the Regent seems to have passed, Léon Millot or Maréchal Foch are still cultivated. But in times of organic farming and climate change, more and more winegrowers are interested in new varieties that are springing up like mushrooms.
Piwi pioneer Edy Geiger provides an overview of the individual varieties.
Source: DIE ROTE - Swiss magazine for fruit and wine growing 13/2021

read more (PDF - only German)

We wish you a successful harvest and in good luck the cellar.

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PIWI International eV - in October 2021

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