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Autumn grapevines-Karin Lundberg
Dear PIWI newsletter subscriber,

The autumnal vineyards in red-orange color splendor already put us in a pre-Christmas mood.
The vines are going into hibernation, our winemakers have this year's harvest behind them and are now eagerly awaiting the development of the new vintage.

We PIWIs, look back on an eventful year, marked by growth, medals and success stories. Excited? Then read on ...

First of all, we are delighted with the success of the wines submitted this year to the international PIWI Wine Award:

2021_EN-3-medals-piwi-400 × 328

11th International PIWI Wine Award 2021

We made it! - A whole weekend with PIWI wines - tasted according to the PAR® tasting method:
terroir, manufacture, not only new varieties - new genetics.
Finally, many winemakers wanted to know: "What's special in my PIWI?"

The result is clear: They are excellent.

  • PIWIs are on par with traditional grape varieties (localy and internationally).
  • Climate change and adapted grape varieties enable top winemaking even in northern areas.
  • 20 years of rigorous work of PIWI International with its members and supporters now show the success.
  • Thanks to the cooperation of PIWI International and WINE SYSTEM - Trust your senses has once again proven its value.
  • Convince yourself; choose the wines you would like to taste and choose from the winners list.
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Probiotic vineyard

First Probiotic PIWI Vineyard in Franconia.

Jürgen Amthor, the owner of the 1st Probiotic PIWI Vineyard in Franconia is pleased with his grape harvest from the PIWI grape variety Cabernet Cortis. The grapes are 95% healthy and have a very ripe and fruity aroma with a sugar content of 85 ° Oechsle. The acidity is also very harmonious.

In the peronospora fungus year of 2021, this is a very good performance, without any chemical pesticide use. The vines and the soil were treated only with compost tea and effective microorganisms (EM), in October last year and in April this year.

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The influence of various parameters on wine quality.

Electrochemical measurements in wine, benchmark for quality?

by Bernhard Staller - EQC

The growth of plants depends on various environmental parameters such as light and water, but especially on the soil. Different conditions thus shape the quality of all products that humans consume by utilizing chemically stored energy to maintain their bodily functions.

While conventional food tests only provide an isolated statement about ingredients or the caloric content, the electrochemical measurement also captures that part in the food that can provide structural build-up work (the so-called entropy part).

From a physical point of view, life processes can be described as a chain of redox reactions. Derived from the main laws of thermodynamics, it can be shown that the quality of food can be represented by the redox potential: The lower this value is, the higher their quality and neutralization against free radicals.

In the case of wines, this means that this measuring method can be used to measure and evaluate both the work in the vineyard and the processing in the cellar.

... read more (PDF, German)



PIWI reaches the Iberian Peninsula

In order to spread PIWI International also in Spain, we have been able to win Mrs. Karin Lundberg as a contact person for winemakers and grape growers.

As a PAR® Certified Master and experienced wine importer, she knows the wine business and has been working as a taster and translator for years.

From now on, she will be in charge of our members in Spain, who will be able to contact us about PIWI matters in their familiar language.

We welcome our first Spanish member, Javier Eraso from VITIS NAVARRA:
a vine grower who has realized that it is time to introduce more PIWIs in Spain.

Increasingly stringent legislation and climate change are not making it easy for conventional viticulture, and more and more growers are interested in fungus-resistant grape varieties.

Soon we will surely have more to report on the introduction of PIWIs in the Spanish peninsula. So stay tuned and don't miss any issue of our newsletter ...

We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season with cozy fireside evenings in the best (wine) company!

Your team from
PIWI International eV - in November 2021

In own thing

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