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Dear PIWI Newsletter Subscriber,

Christmas is just around the corner and we associate it with family, moments of reflection, colorful lights everywhere, contemplation.

It has been colorful again this year and humanity is once again faced with the challenge of adapting to many new realities: Climate, corona mutants, insecurity, looming supply chain collapse, etc.
This makes it all the more important to ensure sustainability in the world. We PIWIs are proud to have had the foresight and have been working on this for some time. The direction is right: PIWI International is growing and leading the way in this area.
This and other topics were discussed at our last general meeting, which we report on below.
Valle del Lago

General Assembly 2021 in Trentino

Despite Corona, we were able to hold this year's general meeting in San Michele in Trentino.
The Fondazione FEM provided us with premises - so the meeting could take place at an appropriate distance and with the connection of other members online. After all, about 20 participants had made the journey. Just as many followed the meeting online.

The tasting in the afternoon was particularly interesting. Project leader Marco Stefanini and hiscolleagues presented microvinifications of the new grape varieties from FEM / Institut San Michele. Afterwards, we were able to taste wines from the La Vis winery and winning wines from the International PIWI Wine Award 2021.

On Saturday we went to our members from Trentino, visited the wineries Pravis and Pojer & Sandri. Other winemakers joined these producers respectively and presented their winery and wines. (Report and photos in the newsletter for members - You want to become a member? Do it via
We were all enthusiastic about the commitment and the convincing presentation of their work, their wines, their region and their PIWIs.

A lot is happening in the region and beyond. Therefore, it is important to carry this progress out into the world. Our association goes into the PIWI future strengthened for new and further commitment. It is important to find more comrades-in-arms who will carry this idea further.



Research projects on sustainable grapevine breeding

Our visit to San Michele has shown how diverse and extensive the research projects on PIWI vines are. We would like to create an overview on our website. For this we need your help.
Please send us information on research projects, if possible with a link to the relevant website, by 10 January 2022 to


WINE AWARD - early bird discount

One for all: WINE SYSTEM expands the spectrum of the WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL

Wines from all corners of the world, in all their diversity and all their styles: This is what the WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL is all about from 4 to 7 March 2022. From 'easy drinking' to century growths, from traditional to modern and beyond convention, WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses invites them all to the great quality competition. And it is likely to be particularly exciting in 2022. In view of the developments on the international market and the young, growing natural wine scene, three new categories will be opened for the next edition: non-alcoholic wine, wines made from apples and from pears. As usual, the tasting will be carried out according to the method that depicts quality transparently and comprehensibly like no other: PAR®. The specially trained jury evaluates, documents and discusses. Only then are the scores awarded - never according to personal taste, always based on expert knowledge.

It's worth being quick: 20% early bird discount until 19 December and 10% on every other PAR® Award this year! To the registration


Exhibition stand 2021 Agrovina-tailored

Fairs 2022

Planning for the 2022 fairs is underway - no one can see into the future whether they will take place then. With relative certainty, Agrovina will take place in Switzerland. PIWI International and PIWI CH will be represented.

AGROVINA from Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 January 2022
With 14 editions now, it is the hot meeting place for all those involved in viticulture, oenology, microbrewing and fruit growing.

Enology and viticulture

Care of the vines - mechanization in cultivation - materials and technology for aging, bottling, marketing and commercialization of wine.
You will find PIWI International at the joint stand with Auer Reben GmbH and BORIOLI - Pépinières de vignes booth no. 2211

Agricultural Days in Mainz - April 25.4. to April 29, 2022

The Service Center for Rural Areas (DLR) Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück, Oppenheim headquarters, in cooperation with various clubs and associations, is organizing the 2nd AgrarWinterTage (Agricultural Winter Days) at the exhibition grounds in Mainz. From Monday 25 April to Friday 29 April 2022.
Together with the ECOVIN Bundesverband we will present the topic PIWI.
Weber Winter

So, that's it for our last newsletter of 2021.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our association. Without your active support and the valuable exchange of information, PIWI International would not be growing so dynamically.
It remains for us to wish you all a blessed Christmas in the company of your loved ones. May there be no PIWI wine missing on any table - let us toast to that!

We hope for a healthy 2022 with many new ideas and progress. We PIWIs are doing our bit for the environment by counteracting the consequences of climate
change and look forward to new findings and new developments.

Speaking of new developments: The restructuring process of PIWI International into an umbrella association will continue in 2022.
In February, the first meeting of the board will take place in Prien and we will of course inform you about the results.

In the meantime ... Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and stay healthy!

Your team from
PIWI International - in December 2021

In own thing

We are happy to welcome the first member from Lithuania!
The association stands and falls with the members, be part of it!
You can find the membership application form for PIWI International here!

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