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PIWI wines successful in various competitions |
Central German PIWI Wine Tasting | Resistant vines, the future of viticulture | PIWIs in Winegrowertalk with Fredy Strasser | New Grape Varieties - Catalog | Registration for the International PIWI Wine Award 2021

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July was marked by strong growth in the vineyards and lots of rain, not to forget the bad storms. Now we summarize the news of the last weeks again.

PIWI wines successfully in a wide range of competitions.

Several competitions show the great quality of PIWI wines and give consumers the opportunity to get to know PIWI grape varieties better.

Competition PIWI Austria - New / innovative grape varieties
Best of Freiburg PIWI - results (German)
Resistant is trump - Fallstaff Piwi Tophy Germany 2021 (German)

Weinberg-Wolfgang-Renner (2)

Central German PIWI Wine Tasting SA 11.09. and SUN 12.09. at the ANSIUM of the Freyburg Winegrowers' Association - Unstrut / Saxony Anhalt.

more information in German


"Resistant vines, the future of viticulture" is the title of the conference on Friday 30 July in the Aula Civica of the Museo della Battaglia in Vittorio Veneto. (Italiano)

from 1 minute our president Alexander Morandell


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    PIWI Winegrower Talk:
    I do not want to spray my vines

    A new podcast episode by Daniel Bayer online with Fredy Strasser as interview partner in German.


    New Vine Varieties - Catalog of the
    Julius Kühn Institute

    It is with great pleasure that the JKI presents its new catalog of New Grape Varieties. In the catalog you will learn everything you need to know about the history, grapevine breeding, the New Grape Varieties and the classic grape varieties from the Geilweilerhof.
    Here is the link to the digital version in German.
    The printed version can be obtained from the Institute for Grapevine Breeding. The English version is in progress. Have fun looking at it

    Julius Kühn New Grape Variety Catalog


    International PIWI Wine Award in collaboration
    with WINE SYSTEM

    The fungus-resistant breeds are gaining ground worldwide, not least because of weather extremes brought by climate change with a noticeable impact on wine growing. PIWI International eV is convinced that these grapes will rise to future climate challenges; moreover, they will decisively contribute to the regeneration of the ecological system. This fact is the main reason for the association to promote the exchange between research, breeding and wine-growing, as well as the communication with consumers, for 20 years. Only the acceptance by the latter ones is the linchpin of the entire success of this "new" grape type. The International PIWI Wine Award annually focuses on the PIWIs and repeatedly demonstrates that the right know-how is the key to wine excellence that does not lag behind the established ancestors.

    Differentiated ratings according to PAR® enable the tasters to approach the diversity of this competition objectively and beyond simple comparative tests. In this way, every wine submitted receives comprehensible documentation.

    Registration on the website until 15 October 21
    Tasting from 05 to 07 November 2021
    We wish you a successful harvest in spite of all this weather.

    Your team from
    PIWI International eV - in August 2021

    On our own behalf

    The association stands or falls with the members, we are happy about every new one. Membership application form!

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