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Dear PIWI Newsletter Subscriber,

The World of PIWI World keeps turning faster and faster. News and articles both on web sites and in printed journals have been sprouting like young branches of grapewine. There is a lot of interest on the World of PIWI.

New Members in New Countries:

Firstly we want to send a warm welcome to our new members. We were able to add the USA and Croatia to our list of member countries and we especially welcome our new members there.
No member yet? Then become part of the international PIWI network:

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PIWI as an Umbrella Brand

The brand shown above (wording and picture) is protected all over Europe and it is only allowed to be used by members of PIWI international. The brands of the regional working groups are not protected.

The brand and the name "PIWI" which is protected in Italy is expressly permitted to be published especially on the bottle label and in any kind of printing material. And it should not be altered in any way.
Further details both on the future structure of PIWI International (with all its members and regional groups) and on the possible use of the brand and its graphical appearance will follow in the next newsletter.



PIWI Wines - Events

There are many events regarding PIWI wines and fungus resistant grape varieties in all possible regions also with the active support of our regional groups.

Articles on PIWI events like SlowFood Fair in Stuttart, Agrartage in Mainz, 1. PIWI Outdoor Fair in Bockenheim, AGROVIN in Switzerland and the ROME WINE Expo can be found on our web site (latest news).

On July 11 and 12 the city center of Rome dedicates itself to fashion and sustainability:


The "Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society" as the organizing board of this unique event has actively chosen PIWI International to provide for a big testing of our award winning wines.

Summer 2022 is a time of big activities: There is not only a lot of quality improving work to do in the vineyard, there will also be a lot of surprises on the events, which will be held by our members and our regional working groups in the next month.
We kindly ask you to inform us about PIWI events. Please write to email to Your event will be listed in our calendar!

Divico Wines in Assemblage with Pinot Noir

Divico, the new resistant grape variety of Agroscope, is valued for the quality of the wines produced. Assemblage experiments with the grape variety Pinot Noir proved that Divico works well to correct the color intensity.
There will be the Fete du Divico in the Kurt Bösch University Foundation Chemin de l'Institute 18 1967 Bramois on Friday 26th August and Saturday 27th of August.


vine growers conference

XIII. International Symposium on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics 10.7. until 17.7.2022

The JKI, Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof is proud to host the XIII. International Symposium on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics in 2022.
Back in the 1970s, Prof. Alleweldt, then head of the Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof in Siebeldingen, Germany, initiated the idea of an international conference as a forum for the dynamic field of grapevine breeding at the time. The idea was to initiate a conference series that every four years brings together leading scientists in grapevine genetics and breeding at different winegrowing places around the world.

Further information on breeding:
Cytological studies on "Resistenzlocus Rpv12" against downey mildew of the grape variety "Resistenzlocus Rpv12":
• Rpv12: resistance Plasmopara viticola 12 • Presently 31 loci against P. viticola identified • 2013 Venuti et al. identified the resistance locus Rpv12 in V. amurensis • Rpv12-Locus is located on chromosome 14 • Rpv12 shows an additive effect on Rpv3 Aim • analysis of the resistance mechanism by microscopical studies 4 R
... read more

further reading


We are looking forward to an eventful wine year

Stay tuned, support us and become a member. The bigger the network the more we can achieve.

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