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Harvest is already going on in many of our regions. Just before all of you disappear into the vineyards and the wine cellars we would like to provide you with a few news:

New members in new countries:

Firstly we want to send a warm welcome to our new members. We were able to add Jordan and Mexico to our list of member countries and we especially welcome our new members there.
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PIWI International Wine Challenge 2022

The constantly growing number of winemakers, which are growing the resistant grape varieties and the huge assortment of wines inspired us to organize a new one PIWI International WINE Challenge.
Currently, we are in the process of reorganizing our association together with the regional groups and we want to create a wine competition that is based on the OIV rules with the aim of implementing these rules in all future competitions across all membership regions.

The first PIWI International Wine Challenge will be organized this year by bonvinitas.

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PIWI food summit in Vienna

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PIWI Taste Summit, 6th September 2022 in Vienna:
Presentation of the winning wineries making enterprises
new / innovative grape varieties

Wines from all 9 federal regions of Austria
Graz, July 2022
In its fourth year, the Austrian wine competition for new/innovative grape varieties that are fungus-resistant again brought an increase in the number of participating wineries and wines. For the first time, a high-level international jury was gathered to evaluate PIWI wines from all nine Austrian provinces.

Already for the fourth time the non-profit association “PIWI Austria” (PIWI Austria) held a competition for new/ innovative grape varieties that are fungus-resistant. For the jury tasting on the 21st of July, 209 wines from 92 different establishments were registered! Every province of Austria, ranging from Lake Constance to Lake Neusiedel, was represented with their wines. By now the largest regional PIWI wine competition has become an anchor in the wine year.

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The PIWI-Exchange Market (PIWI-Börse) is coming up!
(only in German)

The service center DLR (Service Center for Rural Areas) in the German region of Rheinpfalz along with the German Association of Wine Makers (Deutscher Weinbauverband) and PIWI Germany has developed a platform to exchange PIWI wine grapes and must, which started 2nd of September.
The project is scheduled for one year. With this instrument wine makers should make fast and uncomplicated experience in the cultivation and vinification of PIWI grape varieties.

vine growers conference

XIII. International Symposium on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics from 10th to 17th of July 2022

The Symposium took place sucessfully and there were a lot of exciting topics and contacts. Our members Bea Steinemann and Marion Rockstroh-Kruft took place in the symposium.

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1st International conference SABB2022 in Ghent, Belgium

The first edition of the international conference on Sustainable Agriculture Biostimulants and Biopesticides will take place in Ghent, Belgium from Tuesday 20th September until 22nd September 2022.
The conference aims to bring together academics, industry, regulatory experts, and policymakers with an interest in plant biostimulants and biopesticides. The conference will focus on non-microbial biostimulant and biopesticide state of the art research. The main topics of the conference are novel biostimulants other biopesticides, progress in the mode of action, bioactive ingredients, plans stress, immune response. A workshop on the 22nd of September will give a forum to discuss the implementation, social issues, and agricultural policy around biostimulants and biopesticides. The 22nd there will be an opportunity to visit a 6000 square meter rooftop greenhouse research facility or the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech research facility.
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We are looking forward to an exciting autumn

And we wish our winemakers, vineyards, cooperatives, and grape pickers a successful harvest.

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Stay tuned, support us and become a member. The bigger the network the more we can achieve.

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