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Autumn grapevines-Karin Lundberg
Dear newsletter subscribers!
Harvest has already begun in many regions. Before you all disappear into harvest mode, we'd like to send you some more news.

New members in new countries:

The group of member states now include Bulagria and Kosovo!
We warmly welcome the new members from these countries.
Not a member yet? Then you too can become part of the international PIWI network:


PIWI International Wine Challenge 2023

It's that time again - registration for the PIWI International Wine Challenge is open! We cordially invite you to participate with your wines and take the opportunity to present your treasures to an international jury.
The registration deadline is September 29th, 2023

The registration deadline is September 29th, 2023
Wine must arrive no later than October 6th, 2023.
The tasting will take place on Tuesday 24th October 2023.

Further information and registration:

The second PIWI Wine Challenge is a registered wine tasting event of PIWI International, this year organized by bonvinitas.

Register here!


Souvignier gris Patrick Ucelli

Souvignier gris: fruity or burgundian?


Our board member Wolfgang Renner (PIWI Austria) has written a detailed article about Souvignier Gris, with interesting graphics on the sensoric profile and necessary adjustments in the cellar.

.. Click here for the article on our website in German!

First published in The Winzer 08/2023.


Webinar Pine E-Label

Free Webinars on nutritional tables & e-lables with Holger Kiefer and Winestro
Webinar on nutritional table & e-labels with Holger Kiefer and Winestro in German!

DATES: Thursday, September 7th, 2023 from 10 – 12 am
and Thursday, November 9th, 2023 from 10 – 12 am

The introduction of the e-label is getting closer: That's why we're offering two free webinars on the subject for everyone in the wine industry. In these webinars, Holger Kiefer will explain in more detail what needs to be considered when e-labes and nutritional declaration becomes mandatory. Holger speaks from the point of view of a lawyer specializing in wine law. The Winestro.Cloud team will talk about the most important points on how to use e-labels and how they can facilitate and help wine growers to overcome this challenge in an easy and relaxed manner in the coming year.

(continue reading in German…)

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Not another one - some say - finally - the others say!

An opportunity for informal exchange with fellow winemakers makes the digital winemaker table talk an interesting new exchange format. We cordially invite you to come together on the last Monday of every month at 6:00 pm for an informal chat in the virtual room. The winemakers table talk is organized alternately by different national groups in order to shed light on the various facets of our association.

the next digital winemakers table talk will take place on
Monday, September 25th, 2023 at 6 pm in English.

dial up link (always remains the same)
Meeting ID 868 7971 2269

Registration is not required.

You can find all other dates in our calendar on the website.
We provide all national and regional PIWI groups with the association's zoom account for their own round tables in their national language! In this way we would like to further promote the exchange and create a sense of community within PIWI members.

We look forward to inspiring conversations and greater networking in the digital world!


PIWI column on our website

The column will be available to all PIWI members in the future. It is used for the public (image and name) and multilingual exchange of personal opinions on specialist events or industry topics in order to give our common cause a greater public standing.
A. first start is unfortunately still in its infancy!

We look forward to receive further ideas on different topics.
Simply send an email to !


We are looking forward to an exciting autumn

and wish all winegrowers, wineries, cooperatives and harvest helpers a successful harvest.

Stay tuned, keep supporting us and become a member. The larger our network becomes, the more we can achieve.

Your team from
PIWI International

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last but not least

3rd PIWI Summit on Monday, November 6th at 6 pm in English

Your team from
PIWI International

Please report events related to PIWI to, they will be included in our calendar!

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