The PriMo 2022 wine, made from Solaris grapes in Forni di Sotto at an altitude of 865 meters, has won the gold medal in the International Extreme Wine Competition dedicated to wines made from grapes from soils that have at least one constant exhibit structural difficulty in terms of elevation, hillside location, terraced or tiered vineyard systems and viticulture on small islands.

Only wines whose cultivation sometimes costs up to ten times as much as a vineyard on the plain compete for the title. This is one of the most important competitions for wines produced in these 'heroic' locations,” says winemaker Roberto Baldovin. It is organized by Cervim, the Center for Research, Studies, Protection, Coordination and Enhancement of Mountain Viticulture, under the auspices of the OIV (Organization Internationale de la Vigne ed du Vin). 863 wines from 319 wineries from 26 countries took part in the tasting, which took place in the Aosta Valley at the end of September.

Claudio Coradazzi, winemaker and mayor of Forni di Sotto, is very satisfied: “We are very happy and proud of this important result, but it is just the beginning of a long road that will bring us a lot of joy,” he says: “It There are other important innovations in the area of Forni di Sotto, which in the next few years will become the reference point for heroic viticulture in the Friulian mountains and beyond, starting with the construction of the first high-altitude wine cellar, which we will report on later .

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