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  • Thomas Niedermayr – President
  • Johannes Meßner – Vice President
  • Manager Andreas – cashier
  • Michael Gamper
  • Patrick Uccelli
  • Anna Morandell
  • Simon Lemayr

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20 years of PIWI South Tyrol

...must be celebrated! That's why we cordially invite you to come
PIWI Symposium on November 30, 2023 in the NOI Techpark in Bolzano a.

You can expect interesting lectures on the breeding of new varieties, new findings and developments on the acceptance and marketing of PIWI varieties, as well as exciting panel discussions with renowned, international speakers from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. We offer a colorful supporting program with tastings new and well-known varieties and sufficient opportunities for exchange.

8:30 Welcome and introduction to the event
Thomas Niedermayr, PIWI South Tyrol

8:40 Greetings from the guests of honor

8:55 20 years of Piwi in South Tyrol Founding members PIWI South Tyrol

9:15 Overview of the testing of fungus-tolerant grape varieties at the Laimburg experimental center
Josef Terleth, Laimburg Experimental Center

9:35 Status of the breeding program at the Julius Kühn Institute, Institute for Vine Breeding Geilweilerhof after almost 100 years of quality and resistance breeding
Reinhard Töpfer, Julius Kühn Institute, Institute for Vine Breeding Geilweilerhof

10:10 break

10:30 INRAE-ResDur: the French grapevine breeding program for durable resistance to downy and powdery mildew
            Pere Mestre, INRAE

11:05 breeding and other opportunities for other resistances: the futuro sostenibile
            Riccardo Velasco, CREA-VE

11:30 Resistant varieties: new perspectives for a more sustainable viticulture

11:45 Discussion on new varieties and new possibilities of breeding
           Pere Mestre, Rein hard Töpfer, Silvia Vezzulli, Riccardo Velasco, Elisa De Luca
           Moderation: Carlo Andreotti

12:30 lunch break with open tasting of PIWI wines of new and well-known varieties

13:45 Oenological implementation of innovative wine styles from PIWI varieties
Ulrich Fischer, DLR Rheinpfalz

14:20 PIWIS in Austria: Current situation, trends, marketing
Wolfgang Renner, PIWI Austria

2:45 p.m. break

15:15 PIWIs in a marketing context – presentation of the results from the VitiFIT project
Christoph Kiefer, Geisenheim University

3:40 p.m. PIWI marketing: Innovative grape varieties need innovative communication
Olivier Geissbühler, Delinat

16:05 Future wines
Eva Vollmer, Eva Vollmer wines

16:30 SUWIR project at the University of Bozen: Towards sustainable viticulture: wines from resistant grape varieties in South Tyrol
            Emanuele Boselli, Federica Viganò, Guido Orzes

5:00 p.m. Final discussion on the “PIWI” brand and marketing
Olivier Geissbühler, Gergely Szolnoki, Eva Vollmer, Alexander Morandell, Wolfgang Renner, Ulrich Fischer, Federica Viganò, Boselli Emanuele

5:45 p.m. Closing of the event
Thomas Niedermayr, PIWI South Tyrol

6:00 p.m. Open tasting of PIWI wines of new and well-known varieties, light dinner and an open conclusion with music

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Latest News

3rd PIWI SUMMIT – Monday, November 6th at 6:00 p.m

Please join us for the
3rd PIWI Summit on Monday, November 6th at 6 p.m

The PIWI Summit will take place online again and in English.

Our topics:

The situation of PIWI genotypes in Portugal  with  Jorge Boehm Portugal

Maximum stomatal conductance rather than stomatal sensitivity to drought differentiates the PIWI grapevine cultivar Souvignier gris from Muscaris and Donau Riesling  with Lea Linhart Austria    for documentation

Staffelter Hof presents its Vitiforst project –
Trees between PIWI wines for climate improvement.   – more –
We mainly planted our Piwi varieties on 6 hectares of land, which is where the Viti Forest project “I.Kant & the Piwis” is now being created.
On the last weekend in November we will plant the majority of the trees, hedges and sow seeds for a more resilient future of viticulture, better resistance to climate fluctuations, more biodiversity and a more resilient ecosystem.  more about the project

Connecting the Community Worldwide with PIWI Talk
Our member and regional representative for Canada  Darcy S. O’Neil  has started a PIWI TALK. He will present it to us at the PIWI Summit. You can get a first impression here:

November 3, 2023|

Free webinars on the nutritional table & e-labels with Holger Kiefer and Winestro

DATES: Thursday September 7th, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Thursday November 9th, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m

The introduction of the e-label is getting closer and closer: We are therefore offering free webinars on the topic for everyone in the wine industry. On these dates, I will explain to you exactly from the point of view of a lawyer specializing in wine law what there is to consider about nutritional declarations and e-labels, and the Winestro.Cloud team will present the most important points on how you can deal with the topic for you in the coming year can solve the problem technically in a relaxed manner.


August 30, 2023|

PIWI WINZER STAMMTISCH always on the last Monday of the month!

The desire to have an opportunity for informal exchange with fellow winegrowers has already been expressed several times. There should now be a digital winemaker regulars’ table for this. We cordially invite you, themselves on the last Monday of every monthats at 6:00 p.m. for an exchange in the virtual room. The regulars' table will organized alternately by different national groupsto shed light on the diverse facets of our association.

Next digital get-together on Monday the . August 2023 at 6 p.m. in German with a focus on Austria.

Dial-up link (always remains the same)
Meeting ID 868 7971 2269

Registration is not required.

The other regulars’ table dates as well as all dates on the subject of PIWI can be found in our Calendar on website.

August 28, 2023|

Cooperation with Benefit as a member of PIWI-International!

There is a cooperation between PIWI International and that aims to promote the association and its members on In this webinar, which lasts no more than 10 minutes, Utz Graafmann will show how you as a winery can benefit from this.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 6 p.m. (the webinar will be recorded)

To registration

Sell wine successfully with for wineries

Find out how you, as a winery, can maximize your wine sales, find stockists across Europe and get support in the sales process. Learn methods to increase the visibility of your winery on and increase your sales figures. Use to bring additional visitors to your winery or to advertise events.
Language: German
Duration: 20 minutes

More webinars at Wein.Plus

February 3, 2023|

PIWIs, sheep and alpine climate

In South Tyrol, winegrowers rely on resistant varieties - and they are successful


In  plant more and more   on. Even the big wineries are no longer spared the trend. About the experiences  and the  the  reports Roland Brunner.

"The  of the future”.  its growths exclusively from  be pressed. The future began at Hof Gandberg 30 years ago, when his father Rudolf decided to do it consistently  to work and with the planting of  avoid spraying of any kind. In organic farming, in  - especially in the last ten years - a lot has been achieved. In the production of Piwi wines, the  albeit still cautious overall.

Piwi pioneer Rudolf Niedermayr and his son Thomas

…

August 22, 2022|

Benefit from the PIWI boom - podcast from the art of selling wine with Alexander Morandell

In diesem Interview spricht Diego mit dem derzeitigen Präsidenten von PIWI International und Rebveredler Alexander Morandell über das Vermarktungspotenzial der neuen Rebsorten und ihre ökonomischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen auf den Weinbau.

April 2, 2022|
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