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Management of the office of PIWI International

Our working environment

PIWI International is an international working group for the promotion of PIWI vines, founded in 1999 in Switzerland.

PIWI is as brand established – ecological. Economically. pioneering

We assert ourselves through a clear reduction of the use of crop protection for a robust and innovative grape variety cultivation.

PIWI stands for environmental and climate protection.

The vines are more resilient against fungal diseases, which is viticulture trendsetting with strong sustainability.

Our goal is to exchange scientific and practical knowledge in the field of PIWI grape varieties at national and international level.

We support and encourage winegrowers who work primarily with these innovative grape varieties by providing information and advice. In order to offer our customers a detailed description of the characteristics of these grape varieties as well as instructions for optimal winemaking and tasting, we hold periodic conferences and regional working groups. The discussion of marketing issues and information for consumers are part of our field of activity as well as the acquisition of new members.

We are looking for a committed employee (m/n/f) to fill the office (not tied to a specific location).

At PIWI you will find

• an innovative and interesting area of work that you can design and develop independently with a great deal of freedom
• Your own workplace, in which you are able to communicate and work mobile, adapted to your needs
• flexible working hours with a fixed core time
• a work assignment of 8 - 10 hours / week - expandable to up to 20 hours / week
• A scientific and international exchange of experience based on practical knowledge with winegrowers and consumers
• a close exchange with the members of the association and regional group representatives
• Training and development opportunities in the field of winemaking and tasting

Your work duties are
• Supervision of the office with the associated administrative tasks
• Arranging and conducting meetings, assemblies and events
• Cooperation and support with the regional group representatives

You bring with you

• Enthusiasm for the topic of PIWI grape varieties and sustainability
• Extensive professional experience in administration, ideally with experience in association work
• Your strengths include professional and engaging communication at different levels, you master complex issues and contexts both verbally and in writing
• You have a very good command of spoken and written English
• You are an organizational talent with a structured way of working
• Ideally you have knowledge of website maintenance with WordPress

You will be assigned your tasks (partial coverage is possible ) introduced and accompanied. After the induction period, you will manage the office independently.

Does this interesting area appeal to you?
We look forward to hearing from you with a short letter of application

Your PIWI International team
Gisela Wüstinger – temporary management
In March 2023

Our resilient grape varieties have withstood the ravages of time. This also means significantly more work for our association, both on the regional stage and internationally.

That's why we're looking for you! As a supporter, comrade-in-arms, employee

There are a variety of tasks that should be spread over several shoulders:

  • Management for the administrative tasks of the association with accounting and correspondence, as well as coordination with the chairmen of the regional groups (see above)
  • recruiting new members
  • Support advertising platforms with regard to the naming of PIWI International / regional groups, e.g. Weinplus, Vivino, etc.
  • Press work – communication with everyone involved
  • Regular exchange with vine growers and vine nurseries
  • Lectures and seminars for our members
  • Participation in further education offers
  • Updating the website – blog posts – social media
  • Further development of our website and database (programming)

Is there a specific area that appeals to you?
Do you have the capacity and desire to work and help shape specific topics? then let me know. We look forward to you!

How we regulate the employment relationship depends on the type and scope of your commitment. We welcome volunteers who would like to devote a few hours a month to the important PIWI topic, but we also welcome idealists who would like to bring their specific skills to bear with us on a larger scale.

Programmer wanted

PIWI International - the network for information about PIWI. Our Internet platform is to be expanded with a database, forum, FAQs ... everything that the new technology offers in these areas.

We are looking for you - for programming a MySql database (winemaker list, grape varieties, ...) with entry masks and integration into the website.
Alternatively, the right tool for implementation.

For the members area we need a forum for our members to exchange experiences, also based on the database.

Interest and capacities? Then we look forward to hearing from you