PIWI International is an international association for the promotion of fungus-resistant grape varieties

The members are organized in the countries with their own groups (if there are any) or are direct members of PIWI International.
All members of the regional groups are automatically members of PIWI International.

The following groups currently exist:

PIWI CH - Switzerland
PIWI Valais
PIWI Germany
PIWI Italy (in formation)

PIWI Alto Adige / South Tyrol
PIWI Friuli Venezia Giulia
PIWI Lombardy
PIWI Trentino
PIWI Veneto
- PIWI Piemont (in foundation)

PIWI Austria
PIWI Czech Republic

Our members are from:

Belgium - Canada - Denmark - Germany - France - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Jordan - Croatia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Mexico - Nepal - Netherlands - Norway - Austria - Poland - Sweden - Switzerland - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Czech Republic - Hungary - United States