More than 200 wines were tasted by a panel of experts at the PIWI International Wine Challenge 2024 and the qualities were outstanding.

The PIWI International Wine Challenge 2024, which took place on June 6, presented more than 200 wines tasted by a professional jury. This third edition of the challenge was held for the first time at the Czech National Wine Center in Valtice.

Participating wines – countries

Wines from several countries took part:

  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Sweden
Distribution by country (outer circle) and submitted wines (inner circle)

Participating wines – grape varieties

In total, a wide range of almost forty PIWI varieties were tasted, grown mainly in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria, but also in Switzerland, France and Italy.

The most represented varieties are shown in the figure, but less numerous were some PIWI varieties such as Bronner, Laurot, Malverina, Pinot Nova, Rinot, Satin noir, Savilon, Vesna and - in a sample or as a cuvée - Cabernet Volos, Cabertin, Calardis blanc, Cerason, Floréal, Maréchal Foch, Nativa, Pinotin, Prior, Rathay, Sauvignon Kretos, Seyval blanc and Soreli.


The evaluation was carried out according to the OIV’s 100-point system using proven software from the Wine Centre in Valtice.

The awards were given as follows:

  • From 90 points: Silver (very good)
  • From 92 points: Gold (excellent)
  • 95 points and more: Top Gold (excellent / top wine)

The highest score was achieved by a Satin Noir 2020 from Württemberg, Germany, from Organic winery Dietmar and Michaela Weinreuter with 96.67 points. In second place was the Cabernet Blanc from Hofloessnitz Winery in Saxony, Germany, with 96 points.

The other top gold wines were:

  • 95.67 points: Savilon by Štěpán Maňák, Czech Republic
  • 95.67 points: Donauriesling by Milan Vašíček, Czech Republic
  • 95 points: The Beautiful (Souvigner gris) from Schönwein GmbH zum Sonnenberg, Switzerland
  • 95 points: Johanniter by Ing. Miroslav Volařík, Czech Republic
  • 95 points: Iris (Sauvignon Kretos) from Le Carezze Srl, Italy

A total of 116 wines were awarded:

  • 7 wines with Top Gold (3.4%)
  • 48 with gold (23%)
  • 61 with silver (31%)

The complete results are available in the two PDFs:

PIWI Austria boss Wolfgang Renner, who headed one of the five food committees as head of food, sums up:

“The high quality of PIWI wines and the professional conduct of the evaluation at the national wine center in Valtice are a guarantee for a successful PIWI International wine tasting and this cooperation should definitely be continued next year!”

The official presentation of the award-winning wines in front of a larger audience Early September in Vienna together with the winning wines of the PIWI Austria Awards.