PIWI wines are attractive and sustainably produced wines from grape varieties with resistance properties.

Today PIWI stands for new, innovative, robust and attractive.  PIWI is established as a brand.

PIWI grape varieties have a high resistance to fungal diseases and enable a significant reduction in the use of pesticides. Therefore, these robust and innovative grape varieties are an obvious addition to conventional, traditional grape varieties with intensive plant protection.

Why do vines have to be resistant?

Significant amounts of plant protection products (fungicides) are applied in viticulture to prevent possible fungal infestation and to secure the harvest. According to analyzes by the statistical office of the EU (EuroStat), the use of pesticides per hectare and year in viticulture is by far the highest compared to all other agricultural products produced in the EU.

However, PIWI vines have a high resistance to fungal diseases and allow a significant reduction in the use of pesticides, thus protecting the environment.

Enjoying quality wine is being revolutionised in a new way. Consumers get the opportunity to explore new undiscovered paths.

A win-win situation for winemakers and consumers!

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Vines in spring - Switzerland

How do fungus-resistant grape varieties develop?

PIWI vines are crosses between Vitis species, whereby the outstanding characteristics, the resistance and the wine qualities are combined with each other. Targeted breeding and selection result in new, innovative grape varieties that make it possible to make viticulture more sustainable and to meet future challenges in the vineyard. All PIWI grape varieties currently approved for viticulture are created using the classic vine breeding method.

Where do the "new varieties" come from?

PIWIs are already widespread in the European wine-growing countries. But planting PIWI vines is also a trend in America.

Cultivating these new robust and innovative varieties is a long-term project through generations. Even today, vines are not cultivated in the laboratory, but in the vineyard without genetic engineering.

Breeding new fungus-resistant grape varieties has been a focus of the work of the for many years breeder.

PIWI International supports the Exchange of experience between winegrowers and breeders and encourages dialogue about “innovative grape varieties”.

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Where can I buy PIWI Wines?