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3rd PIWI SUMMIT – Monday, November 6th at 6:00 p.m

Please join us for the
3rd PIWI Summit on Monday, November 6th at 6 p.m

The PIWI Summit will take place online again and in English.

Our topics:

The situation of PIWI genotypes in Portugal  with  Jorge Boehm Portugal

Maximum stomatal conductance rather than stomatal sensitivity to drought differentiates the PIWI grapevine cultivar Souvignier gris from Muscaris and Donau Riesling  with Lea Linhart Austria    for documentation

Staffelter Hof presents its Vitiforst project –
Trees between PIWI wines for climate improvement.   – more –
We mainly planted our Piwi varieties on 6 hectares of land, which is where the Viti Forest project “I.Kant & the Piwis” is now being created.
On the last weekend in November we will plant the majority of the trees, hedges and sow seeds for a more resilient future of viticulture, better resistance to climate fluctuations, more biodiversity and a more resilient ecosystem.  more about the project

Connecting the Community Worldwide with PIWI Talk
Our member and regional representative for Canada  Darcy S. O’Neil  has started a PIWI TALK. He will present it to us at the PIWI Summit. You can get a first impression here:

November 3, 2023|

PIWI Belgium—Gerry Calders

Elk jaar neemt het aantal wijnbouwers toe the start with mold-resistant breeds. Op deze manner we strive for more information about the verzamelen over wijnbouwers in Belgium. Chaque année, le nombre de viticulteurs qui commencent avec des variétés résistantes aux champignons augmente. De cette façon, nous essayons de collecter autant d'informations que possible sur les viticulteurs en Belgique.
With vriendelijke groeten,
Wijndomeinen Petrushoeve, Hagelander, Coberger & St Denijs
Gerry Calders
Halensebaan 36A
3461 Molenbeek-Wersbeek

August 4, 2023|
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