Statement of the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Action Plan on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products at Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

A new terrifying statement on insect decline and bird death in Germany.

If you are still looking for arguments for growing PIWI grape varieties, you will find them on pages 21, 24 and 25. In the opinion, fungus-resistant varieties are presented as the basis for a new integrated crop protection in agriculture:

6.4 Promotion of integrated crop protection processes including the availability, cultivation and market launch of resistant varieties

Integrated plant protection (IPS) measures rely primarily on a variety of methods used to control harmful organisms, such as: B. use of mechanical methods for weed control, use of crop rotation effects, or the cultivation of less susceptible or resistant varieties and adaptation of sowing times to the location. Such measures should be the first choice, but they are not used sufficiently for various reasons. It can be assumed that the use of chemical pesticides is often preferred to alternative methods because they are easy to use and inexpensive and represent conventional practice. We therefore recommend that farmers' training and advice be geared even more strongly towards integrated crop protection than before.