On June 8, 2021, the first face-to-face meeting of the members of the PIWI CZ regional group, which will operate within the organizational structure of the Viticulture Association of the Czech Republic, took place in Velké Bílovice.

The group was founded in March of this year, the founding declaration was signed by 8 founding members and approved by the board of the Viticulture Association. This act was a continuation of the activities of the Mendel University in Brno and the Science and Production Association Resistant Velké Bílovice, which began in 1986 with the first planting of experimental vineyards with PIWI varieties, mainly bred in Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Germany , started.

The members of PIWI CZ are winemakers, winemakers, vine growers and viticulture teachers. They are united by a shared passion for sustainable viticulture and the creation of wine in harmony with natural processes.

The aim of the association is to popularize this type of viticulture and new PIWI varieties through specialist excursions and seminars as well as tastings, competitions and exhibitions of wines made from PIWI varieties. The first activities, if possible, will be field trips to the wineries of PIWI CZ members and the promotion of PIWI varieties to the status of the National Wine Competition.

The individual activities are carried out through the Viticultural Association's information network, other wine and mass media in the Czech Republic, as well as the PIWI International website (https://piwi-international.org/piwi-regional/piwi-ceska/) made known.

At this first meeting, all those present elected František Mádl as chairman. In addition, two new members were accepted, so that PIWI CZ now has 10 members and is open to further interested parties in interspecific varieties.

Contact: František Mádl, email: fmadl1917@gmail.com, mobile: 602 780 364

We believe that this regional group will be an important element of the greening of Czech viticulture.

František Mádl and Jiří Sedlo

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