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Staffelter Hof winery
Germany - Moselle

Winery description:

The Staffelter Hof winery is one of the oldest wineries in the world. In 862, King Lothair II donated the farm to the Stavelot Monastery, the nucleus of the town of the same name in what is now Belgium. After almost 1000 years of ownership of the abbey, the last courtier of the monastery estate, our ancestor Peter Schneiders, acquired the property from the French state in 1805. Our family has been running the winery ever since.

Our greatest passion is of course Riesling. Almost 60% of our 13 hectare vineyard area is planted with Riesling, which thrives in the best slate slopes of the Moselle valley. The ecological processing of the vineyards and gentle and careful vinification result in racy, clear-fruity wines that you will fall in love with.

Since 2012 we have produced a wide line of natural wines, including some PetNats and orange wines in which our PIWI varieties can be found.

For wine lovers who are more interested in the winery, we offer comfortable, lovingly furnished guest rooms and holiday apartments.

But you can't just go on holiday with us: in our KultUrScheune we organize various events throughout the year, such as our Ascension Command, our SommerSausen and, every year after the grape harvest, the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival. The barn can also be used for private parties or as a co-working space.

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Our wines
Little Bastard - 2022
Orange Utan - 2022
Ruby Soho - 2022

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