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Schier winery
Germany - Moselle

Winery description:

Hi there! We are the Schier winery - Florian, Brigitte, Gotthard & Viola.

All year round, our family viticulture demands real manual work in the steep Moselle valley.

We rely on natural and gentle wine production and have been cultivating sustainable Piwi vines that are particularly environmentally and climate-friendly for 20 years.

Here you will find the following wines - all of them are vegan:

  • Cabernet Blanc dry "Pure Joy"
  • Johanniter fine dry "All the best"
  • Solaris semi-dry "pure sun"
  • Solaris sweet "beautiful life"
  • Solaris Beerenauslese noble sweet "Sweet Pleasure"
  • Cuvée Piwi dry (red wine) "For two"


Wine tasting & wine hiking

Do you fancy a wine tasting in Zell-Mosel? We would be happy to try our assortment with you.

  • 1 / In the winery: Would you like to relax and taste wine in the vinotheque and learn a little shop talk? Let's do it - including a cellar tour. With your choice with a larger, delicious Vesper. Duration: 1.5 hours. 
  • 2 / In the vineyards: Wine hiking on the Moselle? While we walk through the vineyards together, tell and explain, we taste our wines. What could be nicer? Duration 3h.

Our wines
Solaris off-dry "Pure Sun" - 0000

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