Benefits of PIWI membership

Become a member of your Regional group  (You are then automatically a member of PIWI International) or at PIWI International (if there is no regional group yet) and take advantage of:

  • Participation in interesting, international PIWI excursions with visits to winegrowers.
  • International exchange of interests among the members
  • Inexpensive participation in trade fair appearances
  • Presentation of your winery at the PIWI International website for a one-off € 100.00
  • Support with the use of digital and social media (e.g. announcement of your appointments regarding PIWI on the website and on Facebook and Instagram)
  • Conceptualization and idea development of events
  • Specialist tastings and workshops
  • international network
  • Various benefits for our members
  • Use of the PIWI logo

Member Benefits

By The Glass International BV
The intelligent wine dispensing system

Diego Weber – Wine sold
Specialist podcast and advice

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Andre Kunz

Eike dubious
Pioneers & Signposts
web design

More information about the offers … 

There are regional groups for the following countries:

Germany - Italy - Switzerland - Austria - Czech Republic

For membership, please contact the appropriate regional group.
The membership applications and contacts can be found here:
PIWI Germany | PIWI Switzerland | PIWI Valais | PIWI Austria | PIWI Cesko | PIWI Italy | PIWI South Tyrol | PIWI Veneto | PIWI Trentino | PIWI Friuli Venezia Giuglia | PIWI Lombardia  
PIWI Italy:

For all other countries, membership directly with PIWI International

Please fill in the Membership application and email it to
We look forward to your membership!

Membership Application (English)

Note: if you download the file and open it with Acrobad Reader, you can fill in the fields on the PC!


The annual membership fee for PIWI International is:

  • €100 for winemakers and individual members
  • 100 € for companies, associations, institutions, dealers
  • 200 € for vine schools, vine growers, vine growers