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Souvignier gris
Crossing:Seyval blanc x Zähringer
Synonyms:FR 392-83 / 1983
Origin:State Wine Institute Freiburg, Germany

Sensory description
Souvignier Gris can be developed as a neutral, full-bodied, juicy wine type through to distinctly fruity, thiol-influenced wines with stable acidity. (WBI)

Variety characteristics
Must weight: 85 - 105° Oe Must acidity: 6.5-8.0 g/l

The variety was bred in 1983 by Norbert Becker at the State Viticulture Institute in Freiburg. Cabernet Sauvignon (mother) and Bronner (father) were originally assumed as parent varieties. A genome analysis commissioned by the WBI Freiburg in 2019 clearly showed that the mother variety is Seyval Blanc and the father is the Zähringer variety.