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Mons de Reuch winery
Austria - Burgenland

Winery description:
The organic winery Mons de Reuch in the south of Central Burgenland was founded in 2009 in Rattersdorf on the foothills of the Günser Mountains by David Warlits.
The name "Mons de Reuch" refers to the first documented mention of Rattersdorf in 1279 and freely translated means "mountain under smoke".
The winery has taken on a pioneering role for PIWIs and is doing unique pioneering work for biologically sustainable viticulture.
The company is one of the first in Burgenland to promote the planting and vinification of these grape varieties and thus achieve national and international success.

Our wines
MuSun - 2021
Souvignier Gris - 2021
Muscaris - 2020 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Souvignier Gris - 2020 - Silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Muscaris - 2019 - Grand Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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