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Organic viticulture Peter Paradeiser
Austria - Wagram

Winery description:

We understand organic viticulture as a passion and cultivate in harmony with nature.

Since the 2013 vintage, our winegrowing in Fels am Wagram has been a recognized and certified organic wine company. The first resistant varieties were harvested in 2014. With the small but very exquisite wine production we want to preserve the wine culture and bring it closer to other people.

With a lot of love, hard work and patience, we realize the principle "Quality as top priority". Try for yourself how excellent wine can really taste.

The first wine was grown by my ancestors in the 17th century and the wealth of experience from many generations continues to fascinate me to this day. With my takeover in 1985, the vineyards were replanted, over the years the acreage was expanded to 1.8 hectares, a press house and wine cellar were built, thus creating the framework for an economic, yet environmentally friendly, quality wine production.

Our carefully cultivated vineyards are located in the areas of Scheibe, Brunnthal and Mitterweg. In addition to the Main variety Grüner Veltiner we offer a wide range of varieties - e.g. B. Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Gelber Muskateller, Chardonnay - that grow excellently in loess.

All cutting and foliage work is done by hand, with the yield being deliberately kept low in order to maintain the unique quality. The microclimate and the loess soils in Fels am Wagram provide the ideal starting conditions for an excellent wine that impresses with its fine sensory and mineral properties. Most of the wine is aged in wooden barrels, giving it its special note. Of course, a lot of skill and patience is required for high quality in the basement.

Our wines
Bianca - the first - 2022 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Hospitaller - 2022
Cortis - the sixth - 2021 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Hospitaller - 2021 - Silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Johanniter - 2020
Johanniter - 2019 - Silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Johanniter - 2018 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Johanniter - 2018
Cabernet Cortis - 2017 - Silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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