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Albet i Noya
Spain - Catalonia - Penedés

Winery description:
Albet i Noya, pioneers of organic viticulture since 1978. Faced with the threat of climate change and with constant concern for the environment, we are leading the VRIAACC project to develop resistant and autochthonous varieties adapted to climate change. These new plants, of which we have planted experimental vines according to the German model PIWI, should allow us in the future to refrain from all copper treatments and reduce the sulfur applications in the vineyard by 90 %, since they contain a fungal resistance gene. Also, they will mature later in the season and be more drought resistant. Reducing treatments in the vineyard will also bring other benefits for the soil (less compaction and less waste), for the environment (less CO2 emissions), and for the end consumer (healthier wines at a lower cost).

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