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Thomas Niedermayr Hof Gandberg
Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Winery description:

For Thomas Niedermayr, the process begins at the origin. In the ground. With mother earth itself. Only a healthy and lively soil can produce resilient and vital plants. Those who stroll across the courtyard, meet running ducks, chickens, lovingly planted beds that overflow with vegetables and herbs, see wild growth between the vines. Every plant here screams: biodiversity! And you can feel it.


Our Hof Gandberg offers me the ideal environment to produce authentic and characterful South Tyrolean natural wines. The ecological economy guarantees sustainability and the highest possible quality - because high-quality wines can only grow in a healthy environment.

Thomas Niedermayr


The vineyards, which are located around the courtyard at an altitude of 500 to 530 meters, are of the specific microclimate Ice holes and influenced by the "Gandberg", which emerges in the background as an imposing rock formation. The wines that grow here are characterized by their impressive freshness and liveliness. PIWI grape varieties yours contribute to the fact that there is no need for chemicals or artificial substances. And experience, empathy and passion ensure that nature is left open.

PIWI International