This year's PiWi vintage is drawing to a close in many European countries. We asked our regional contacts and winemakers at PIWI International about the challenges of this year's harvest and the 2020 vintage and will give you an insight into the different countries in the coming days.
Wolfgang Renner, PIWI Austria reported to us: “The PIWI harvest in Austria is almost complete. The producers are satisfied, the quantities are slightly lower than in the 2 previous years, the quality is good to very good. The sugar concentrations are somewhat lower and the acid values are somewhat higher than in previous years. We expect great fresh, fruity white wines and elegant, balanced red wines. In the southern cultivation regions (Carinthia, Styria), the very high downy mildew pressure and the increased incidence of black rot were the special challenges in 2020. "
Christian Waltl from the Jungweingarten Waltl in Klagenfurt reported the following to us: “After a very rainy season in the south of Austria, the late harvest was very different from region to region. Unfortunately, the cherry vinegar fly has now also spread in Carinthia and especially damaged the Cabernet Jura and Pinotin. The Cabernet Cortis, Souvignier gris and Muscaris, on the other hand, held up well. "
Image rights: Christian Waltl, Klagenfurt, 2020
Wolfgang Renner, PIWI Austria, 2020 Pinot Nova and Sauvignac.

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