The PIWI CH association met for its second general assembly at the BBZN Hohenrain. The trend is clear: tasks, members and areas are growing.

It was no coincidence that Central Switzerland was chosen as the venue for the general meeting. With a share of 35 percent, most of the Piwis are there, well above the Swiss average. Solaris, Johanniter, Divico, Cabernet Jura and Souvignier gris are in the top ten grape varieties. Before the AGM, the vineyards could be viewed by Josef Estermann from the BBZN (Vocational Training Center for Nature and Nutrition), winemaker Rafael Schacher and Thomas and Doris Roth, all in Hohenrain. The year 2021 was ideally suited to addressing downy mildew. The Piwi varieties looked very pleasing in this regard.

Corona-related restrictions
The association's activities were restricted due to the corona. Nevertheless, there was a tasting with world champion Marc Almert and the "Weinzeit" bulletin was published twice. The association was supported by the contributions of the members and by donations. President Roland Lenz was able to mention Bio Swiss and Delinat as important financiers. The membership grew to 100, 65 of whom are active. Nora Breitschmid from the organic winery Sitenrain in Meggen and Ruedi Meyer from the Meyer winery in St. Erhard were newly elected to the board. Both grow exclusively Piwi varieties. Meanwhile, Fredi Strasser was adopted. He is considered a pioneer and last year immortalized his visions in the book “Mushroom-Resistant Grape Varieties”. He will continue his work in the biodynamic winery "Stammberg".

The association hopes to be able to continue its growing tasks again. A tasting of Piwi wines in Wädenswil, a Wine & Dine in Hiltl Zurich, the Bio Swiss practitioner days and an appearance at the Agrovina with the Auer nursery are planned. The publication of the “PIWI Wein Zeit” association bulletin is also planned. Interested new members are always welcome, contact persons are President Roland Lenz in Uesslingen ( or actuary Daniel Schwarz ( (© Beat Felder)