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PIWI - wines on the red carpet: 189 winemakers and 443 wines in the spotlight at PIWI Wine Award

Freiburg (Breisgau) / Großräschen (Lausitz), November 2021 -

The country needs new vines, but how do they taste and what is the quality? The young association PIWI Germany e. V. had not only called on its members, but also on all PIWI winegrowers in Germany to participate in the international PIWI wine award, known as the PIWI Wine Award since 2021.

With 170 award-winning wines, Germany is the most strongly represented wine country at the autumn tasting 2021. The variety of flavors at PIWIs is great and arouses curiosity about the 2020 vintage of the very different wine-growing regions of Germany from south to north, from west to east. Was evaluated after PAR®-System (*). The medals large gold, gold or silver in connection with the points is on the one hand a valuable orientation for the consumer. After all, he can draw conclusions about the quality of the new varieties, which are mostly unknown to him, by evaluating them. The knowledge of wine consumers regarding the "quality pyramid" is not always applicable to PIWI wines, especially for wines from new vineyards that are not located in one of the 13 specific wine-growing areas, the term quality wine may not be labeled and there are also no regional wine awards.

On the other hand, the evaluations are very valuable for the participants in the competition. Even winemakers in the new growing areas in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg have the chance to get their wines objectively sensory and oenologically evaluated by standing in line for the PIWI Wine Award. Each winemaker receives an evaluation sheet for each wine submitted. This not only helps to understand the assessment, but also shows adjusting screws for improvement on the way to the winners' podium.

PIWI Germany e. V. has made it its business, among other things, to support the winegrowers in public relations and to carry out the evaluation according to the PAR®-System to communicate easily understandable at trade fairs and in social media.

Addressing end consumers is on the agenda of PIWI international and PIWI Germany. With cooperation partners in retail, so-called "Winner trial packages“Laced: The aim is to make the PIWI wines, which have been awarded great gold, gold and silver, known. Often there is still a great deal of inhibition to try wines made from unknown grape varieties. By focusing on winning wines, PIWIs are to be brought into the limelight, which they deserve in times of climate change and the requirement for sustainability in viticulture.

All winegrowers and the ratings of the wines can be found at

Background info:

The evaluation according to PAR®: Thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized sensory testing system PAR®, every wine submitted receives a comprehensible and objective documentation of its sensory and oenological properties, which is always evaluated with regard to the respective originality, origin and style. The PAR® training enables the qualified jury made up of PAR® Certified Masters - mostly oenologists, IHK-certified sommeliers and appropriately qualified wine experts - to evaluate each wine neutrally and to exclude personal preferences or pre-prepared opinions regarding the "good taste" from the evaluation. In the context of modern oenology, new, international wine styles experience their appreciation and acceptance, as do traditionally produced wines. Due to the reproducible and differentiated methodology on which the tasting is based, the added value of the competition for the participants goes far beyond the pure marketing benefit. Rather, the detailed PAR® evaluation sheets are a valid tool for quality assurance in wine-growing businesses.

Dr. Cornelia Wobar


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