After we received more and more inquiries from the USA and Canada about PIWI grape varieties, cultivation options and resistances, the board decided to arrange a zoom info meeting.

We informed everyone with whom we had been in contact so far, wrote to protective communities, interest groups and institutes and invited everyone to an online exchange.

The feedback was very encouraging and entirely positive and we were able to register over 40 registrations within a few days!

Many aspects and questions were discussed. ?
Who is PIWI International and in what structure do we work, with special reference to the regional and country groups. General information on PIWIs, breeding, suitability for the North American continent, potential and challenges was also addressed. Of course, with the note that our entire pool of knowledge is available to members.

Fortunately, two participants - each from the USA and Canada - agreed to take matters into their own hands, to be available as contacts for interested future members and to initiate a country group each

We remain in close contact with them and look forward to welcoming two groups of countries across the Atlantic to our international group, hopefully this year.

We are convinced that the topic of PIWIs will receive a great additional impetus, so that the potential PIWIs can offer for the future of viticulture is also recognized worldwide.

So if you have business friends in the USA or Canada who might be interested in supporting our project - please let us know, we'll be happy to put you in touch!

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