PIWIS How producers assess the future prospects for wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties.

Text and illustrations: M.Sc. Barbara Richter and Prof. Dr. habil. Jon H. Hemp, Hochschule Geisenheim University
Source: der deutsche weinbau 7/2022

The various players along the value chain in the wine industry, such as wineries, wineries, cooperatives and producer groups, are confronted with two developments in particular: climate change and changing customer requirements. Climate change has a major impact on grape production, but is also becoming increasingly important along the entire value chain. The changing customer requirements have a direct impact on the purchasing and consumer behavior of the end consumer and change the demands of the trade on primary production. Increased consumer demand and growing interest in “sustainably produced”, “organic” or “vegan” products puts increased pressure on producers to meet and ensure these product attributes. Not only the producers, but also political institutions and industry associations have to deal with these developments.

Photo: Hass

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