In the Official Journal of the EU C 265 of July 11, 2022, the EC notification 2022/C 265/08 was published on newly approved varieties for quality wine and wine with a predicate in the Rheinhessen wine-growing region. The maximum yield per hectare is set at 105 hectolitres. With a few exceptions, the more than 20 new varieties are PIWI varieties. The white PIWI varieties are Cabernet blanc, Calardis blanc, Felicia, Muscaris, Sauvitage, Souvignier gris and Villaris. The blue PIWI varieties are Accent, Allegro, Baron, Cabernet Cantor, Cabernet Carol, Cabertin, Calandro, Pinotin, Piroso and Reberger. In addition to the German varieties, there are also some Swiss varieties.

Previously it was already possible to choose from two dozen PIWI varieties such as Bronner, Helios, Hibernal, Johanniter, Juwel, Merzling, Phoenix, Prinzipal, Saphira, Sirius, Solaris, Staufer, Bolero, Cabernet Carbon, Cabernet Cortis, Monarch, Prior, Regent , Rondo and Rotberger, i.e. exclusively from Germany, to win wine with a geographical designation of origin PDO.

Official Journal of the EU C 265 of July 11, 2022, Jiří Sedlo

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