PIWI Lombardia announces the PIWI LOMBARDIA ITALIAN TOUR 2022

May 6-16, 2022

Cenate Sopra, 10 March 2022 – PIWI Lombardia, the Association that brings together Lombard producers who use resistant vine varieties (PIWI) is pleased to announce the first tour in some of the main Italian cities to introduce their wines and some gastronomic excellences of the Lombardy Region.

PIWI is an acronym for pilzwiderstandfähig, a German term which means “fungus resistant vines”. These varieties are also nicknamed „super-bio“ because they allow the production of very high quality wines without polluting the environment, allowing viticulture substantially free from fungicides, safeguarding the people who work in the vineyards, the territory and the final consumers.

PIWI Lombardia is the only PIWI territorial association in the world to have an organic regulation.

The Tour will be divided into seven stages in the cities of Bergamo, Pisa, Florence, Naples, Rome, Modena and Milan where as many frontal tastings will take place.

During the meetings, the six producers and the enologue present will illustrate to the public the origin, history and evolution of the resistant varieties up to the present day, trying to take stock of the state of the art and possible future evolutions. The producers will also talk about their personal experience with these varieties in their specific territory, will guide the wine tasting and will answer all the questions and curiosities that arise.

There will be six wines for tasting: an ancestral wine, a classic method, a white wine, an orange wine, a red wine and a passito. The different types will thus offer a broad panorama on the possibilities of winemaking. To accompany the wines, some typical cold cuts and cheeses of the region will be served, chosen from the excellences that the Lombard territory can offer.

For more informations:

PIWI Lombardia
Organizzazione no-profit
Via Valpredina, 5
24020 Cenate Sopra (BG) – Italy

06 maggio 2022 – Bergamo, AIS Bergamo
09 maggio 2022 – Pisa, AIS Pisa
10 maggio 2022 – Firenze, Bottega storica Dolce Emporio
11 maggio 2022 – Napoli, FISAR Napoli – Comuni Vesuviani
12 maggio 2022 – Roma, Ristorante Umberto ai Parioli
13 maggio 2022 – Modena, AIS Modena
16 maggio 2022 – Milano, AIS Milano

Producers: Alessandro Sala (az. Nove Lune), Andrea Sala (az. Pietramatta), Devid Stain (az. Alpi dell’Adamello), Maurizio Herman (az. Hermau), Marcel Zanolari (az. Marcel Zanolari), Simone Dellafiore (az. Achille Dellafiore)
Enologo: Gabriele Valota

Achille Dellafiore, Joh (Ancestral method), vitigno Johanniter
Hermau, Magi (classic method), vitigno Souvignier gris
Alpi dell’Adamello, Idòl (White), vitigno Solaris
Pietramatta, Amber (Orange wine), vitigno Souvignier gris
Marcel Zanolari , Vagabondo (Red), vitigni Piwi cuvèe
Nove Lune, Theia (Passito), vitigni Helios, Bronner, Solaris

Pairing products:
Violino di capra (Presidio slow-food)
Brisaola della Valchiavenna
Dalla terra il salame
Silter (DOP)
Strachitunt (DOP)
Formai del Ferdy Hay

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