For general information:

  1. In 2021, after 35 years of constant effort, we were the first PIWI variety to finally get a Geisenheimer breeding line after lengthy adaptation tests (selection from 38 genotypes that did not achieve enough alcohol in Germany in the 1970s) and oenological comparison samples to get the “Defensor” into the Portuguese variety register to register and have the first PIWI clone recognized.
  2. We have now planted the most important EU PIWI varieties in France in accordance with the “Oscar” program, and a further 25 international varieties will be added this year.
  3. We have our own breeding program with Portuguese reference grape varieties and pollen from the Julius Kühn Institute Geilweiler Hof. At the end of the 1990s, biological resistance tests were used to select and plant plants based on the Regent 10 agreement. Since 2019 we have been crossing with the gene presence of Resdur 1 (France). This year we are planting 48 multi-resistant candidates.

At our ministry, we are trying to create a central platform to record and evaluate the results of the data collection that will soon take place on our and other plantings. Of course, this means that we still need some time until we know which national and international PIWI varieties can correspond to the Portuguese wine type.

Is there anyone who supports the breeding of PIWI varieties in Portugal? Please feel free to contact Jorge Böhm
The University of Evora is also active here!