Table of contents of the conference proceedings

  • The new grape varieties for the 21st century
    Prof. Dr. Peter Schumacher, ZHAW Wädenswil
  • 20 years of pioneering work by PIWI-International eV
    Josef Engelhart, President PIWI-International
  • CO2 and crop protection savings through PIWI cultivation
    Fredi Strasser, Dipl Ing Agr ETHZ, organic plant teacher, Switzerland
  • Current PIWI grape varieties from HBLA and BA for wine and fruit growing in Klosterneuburg
    Donauriesling, Donauveltliner, Muscatel flowers and Pinot nova
    Dr. Ferdinand Regner, HBLA Klosterneuburg, Austria
  • Produce residue-free wines with PIWI grape varieties from Valentin Blattner
    Valentin Blattner, vine grower, Switzerland
  • Disease-resistant varieties from VIVAI COOPERATIVI RAUSCEDO
    Dr. Asia Khafizova, VCR Rauscedo, Italy
  • Varieties are not god-given
    Thomas Vaterlaus, Vinum Editor-in-chief

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