Calardis blanc approved!

As the DLR RNH reports, the grape variety is Calardis Blanc Approved under seed law by the Federal Plant Variety Office since March 25, 2020. This means that this variety is approved for the production of quality wine in all of Rhineland-Palatinate growing areas. There is no longer a need to submit a test application for their cultivation and the planting area is not limited.

The first test was the new breed from the Institute for Vine Breeding Geilweilerhof of the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) passed in January 2018 when it was granted plant variety protection by the Bundessortenamt. In the second test stage, which now resulted in the entry in the list of varieties, a detailed characterization of the viticultural properties and the quality properties was carried out. The name Calardis is derived from Calardiswilre or Gailhardiswilre, the historical name for the Geilweilerhof.

The white wine variety Calardis Blanc combines various resistances to powdery mildew and downy mildew as well as black rot with excellent cultivation properties. In terms of viticulture, it is uncomplicated with upright growth and good resistance properties. According to the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), the wine is characterized by a finesse-rich aroma of exotic fruits and a fine, spicy bouquet. Due to its tangy acidity, the variety is also very suitable as a base wine for sparkling wine.

The maturity of the new grape variety is about a week before Riesling. It is therefore classified as a medium-late variety, which suits the winemakers who start harvesting earlier and earlier in times of climate change. In Rhineland-Palatinate, Calardis Blanc has so far been grown on 3.8 hectares (as of 1/2020). -jb-

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