The Julius Kühn Institute and the University of Nottingham in Great Britain examined the roots of young potted vines of 'Calardis Musqué', 'Villard Blanc' and V3125 ('Schiava Grossa' x 'Riesling'). Non-invasive X-ray micro-computed tomography (X-ray µCT) methods were used to study the phenotypic variation of the complex three-dimensional (3D) architecture of vine roots as a function of genotype and soil. Lignified cuttings were cultivated in polypropylene columns filled with two different types of soil, clayey loam and sandy loam, for 6 weeks.
It could be shown that the individual root parameters such as B. Root length and number of side roots are clearly specific to the grape variety, i.e. genetically determined, and are less dependent on the type of soil.