Make work in the vineyard more efficient and sustainable and increase profitability with fungus-resistant new varieties

Text: Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler (Weincampus / Hochschule Ludwigshafen) and Christine Freund (DLR Rheinpfalz)

The wine industry is facing the challenges of increasing competitive pressure and rising costs. It is hardly possible any more to increase profit through cost management while continuing the usual business models and processes, because there is potential through increased efficiency and increased space
are largely exhausted. Quantum leaps towards further increases also require corresponding investments. Conversely, price increases must always go hand in hand with added consumer value and differentiation and justify them. All providers, regardless of the strategic grouping, have to manage value creation and costs professionally. In this limited field of action, the so-called new grape varieties, which were bred during breeding because of their resistance and are therefore also referred to as piwis (fungus-resistant grape varieties), open up a perspective increase in value creation in the cost and competitive wine market.
This article sheds light on arguments that can motivate considerations about new grape varieties.

Source: German viticulture 14-15 / 2020


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