Exploiting value creation potential

The opportunity to increase operational resilience and leverage
Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler, Wine Campus /
Ludwigshafen University and Christine Freund, DLR Rheinpfalz. Which arguments can
motivate strategic market cultivation to plant new grape varieties?

Wine producers are called upon to achieve a synchronization of the service promises and offers and the needs of the target customers in their strategic planning, taking into account trends as well as their own ambitions, ideas and the operational situation.
In the field of action, which is restricted by massive environmental influences and pressure to act, the new grape varieties open up a perspective increase in added value in the cost and competitive wine market. When making a decision, from a business point of view, the costs of changing the range must be compared with the savings in labor costs, the minimization of risk and the marketing potential. New grape varieties offer holistic potential for solutions to current challenges in viticulture: lack of profitability, adaptation to climate change and customer requests for greater sustainability. They offer potential for reducing operational expenses, increasing sustainability, for differentiation and can serve as concrete proof of sustainability. Marketing and sales activities can benefit from the differentiation possible with new grape varieties and from increased profitability. Product innovations associated with new grape varieties and communication approaches on sustainability allow contributions to differentiate themselves from the competition.
In the workshop, concrete ideas were developed that use experiments to test whether the hurdles have been exceeded and question the perspectives.

Source: The German Wine Magazine, August 29, 2020

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